Chris Steele Leaving Florida

Former St. John Bosco cornerback Chris Steele has entered the NCAA transfer portal after just one semester at Florida.

Steele was mentioned as a witness in published reports in sexual battery allegations against his roommate, quarterback Jalon Jones.

He was not accused of wrongdoing but reportedly was upset because he requested a move to a different dorm during his first month at Florida.

Where will he transfer? Oregon was a strong choice. USC, where Steele originally committed, will naturallly be mentioned even though Steele complained defensive backs do not develop there. I guess he could always rationalize the hiring of Greg Burns as a difference.

The other question is whether USC has a scholarship available? Schools usually find a way to make it work, like taking away a former walk-on’s if necessary.


17 thoughts on “Chris Steele Leaving Florida

  1. I’m sure Oregon is his destination, because he’d be a fool to even sniff USC , and their two bid, elementary Bozo Coach


      1. How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it. ~Alexandre Dumas


      2. Look at you quoting Dumbass…I’m impressed. Your momma told me she showed you that passage last week…didn’t help you, did it?

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      3. Somewhere along the line, Fred has developed a real hard on for Helton. Speaking of Helton, it occurs to me that that promotional video Scott put up earlier makes sense if it shows USC’s COORDINATORS, Graham and Clancy, with the words ‘visionary’ and ‘genius.’ I bet it was even originally shot that way —but somebody said ‘what about Coach Helton?’ So Helton got plugged in instead of Harrell. The problem is that Helton, while being many fine things, is not a visionary. His best friends wouldn’t call him that. Mentor? Yes. Father figure? Yes. But not visionary.

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      4. Depends on what visionary might refer to.
        He (Fred) has got a hardon for about everything to do with SC football. Ever since they left the “I” formation. Wouldn’t be so bad but he doesn’t even watch the games or he’d know that we use tight ends…just not very well.

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      5. Pudly —I think maybe Dumas wrote that line for Milady de Winter to speak—- right before the 3 musketeers executed her….

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    1. I don’t agree…..everyone knows Helton isn’t wanted at USC save for the fool AD Swann. ‘If’ Harrell produces Helton gets no credit and if USC loses he gets all the credit – either way he is gone – donor support money is gone…..attendance is down….that impacts all the other sports….last year for Helton…nobody absolutely nobody wants to see this poor sap a year hence.
      Someone this kid is talking to knows that


  2. He could make a difference right away at SC.

    And it is not as if Oregon was a great defensive team last year. They ranked 91 in pass defense, SC was 55.

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  3. Seems the city-section CIF has entered into an agreement with SC for the playoffs….of course scottie only Posts the negative and never updates the positive except in small print.

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