Lynn Swann Moment At Graduation

During today’s main commencement ceremony, Lynn Swann‘s name was mentioned . . . and he got booed by the crowd. The public gets it. Even if the USC administration and some athletic dept. employees do not.


11 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Moment At Graduation

  1. Former USC President Wanda Austin said that Lynn was blind sided by the booing …” it (the booing) didn’t reflect the feelings of the university —it was totally limited to present students, graduates, parents, coaches, players, university staff, instructors and the board of regents.”

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      1. USC is an institute of higher learning. The students are taught management skills throughout. When they see their elder, at minimum, take off on a personal day for an autograph session during the heat of the battle, what respect do you deserve? When your subordinates commit crimes on your watch and jeopardize the school’s reputation nationwide, game over. Well, let’s just forget about all that and move forward? No. Trust is broken and performance understanding is sub par. USC exhorts it’s graduates and undergraduates to avoid these pitfalls at all costs. It would be, in a sense, contrary to USC’s mission to keep such a leader.

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      2. Putting your autograph contract over your USC contract is a no no. Handing USC contract extensions to unproven coaches is a no no. Violating your USC athletic oversight contract is a no no.

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      3. Then there’s this juicy tidbit from bel-air tech

        Here’s a part at the very end –

        Spoken by some govt SEIU flunkie “In accordance with the balance of evidence that was available, and as a result of the investigation, disciplinary action was taken against employees deemed responsible in the report for violating policy,” though it didn’t provide specifics regarding discipline.

        But not everyone is buying UCLA’s explanation. The Daily Bruin student newspaper’s editorial board wrote Sunday, “There’s no mincing words: This is straight-up bribery. And the fact that it was permitted and even allegedly encouraged by administrators makes it obvious UCLA is comically corrupt.”

        The legacy of the cowering peckerwood with his ‘Nellie’ “Leave my jonniekins alone! breathes and frolics just as ‘tennis anyone’ JD Morgan did”


  2. If the USC administration believes Lynn Swann is doing an admirable job, then don’t expect Trojan athletics to escalate to a higher level. And I think it’s sad, because SC has the foundation, reputation, and tradition to be great. Mediocrity seems to be the direction the administration is satisfied with, because unless you hire qualified, and experienced people, then don’t expect the best results

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  3. Pat Haden set Lynn Swann up for the USC A.D. job knowing Swann would be a miserable failure. Swann being the joke that he is, has taken the spotlight off Pat Haden and the mess he created when he hired Clay Helton in the first place.

    Lynn Swann having given Clay Helton a contract extension showed he has more shit for brains than Pat Haden.



    1. I’m sorry. I don’t see it quite like that. But, USC cannot continue to put itself in jeopardy by allowing these catastrophes. We hold the USC degree in high esteem, and it’s been messed with. Those boos were righteous anger at an administration that has allowed calamities to prevail upon many good works of students, parents, administrations, alumni, friends, sponsors and fans past, present and future.


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