USC Graduation Always Has Offspring Of Famous

Among the graduates yesterday at USC were the daughter of actor Sylvester Stallone and daughter of NBC broadcasters Dan Hicks and Hannah Storm. CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz also has a daughter at USC but I don’t know if she graduated.

Did any of them know Lori Loughlin or Olivia Jade?


9 thoughts on “USC Graduation Always Has Offspring Of Famous

  1. Sure is a wide brush you like to use to taint anyone Trojan. God you must be as jealous as a teenager with her first pimple…insecure in yourself much?

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    1. exactly…his cup runneth over with gall…
      I wish all of them well
      having siblings and/or ones children attend ones alma mater seems splendid to me.

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      1. There was a time where it was celebrated….but then Wolfe would’ve had to of had siblings and/or offspring to appreciate that…and in hindsight we’re probably better off without them…

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      1. Thanks Pud….I have no idea how parents-kids afford USC today let alone even state universities….the explosion in non-teaching hires is what has crippled so many schools forced to hire all these compliance officers with staff.

        Then there is the explosion of junk majors – ecology, social justice, GLBQT, gender studies, biased biology, etnic studies – none of these are marketable except in the govt SEIU taxpayer supported cauldron for demoncrats.

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      2. Rusoviet – And people wonder why there is a debt crisis among college grads…that is what happens when one graduates with a degree in a subject that has no job market.

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      3. Here’s where we all have to admit that UCLA is ahead of the curve —there is a market for their pole dancers……

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      4. I always wondered if there were many doors on the ruin campus??? It just seemed like so many came out of there as such accomplished knob polishers.

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