A Cody Kessler Backstory As He Signs With Eagles

Cody Kessler has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

He is now on his third team since being drafted in the third round of the NFL draft. Remember when then-Browns coach Hue Jackson said, “you gotta trust me on this one.”

I recently spoke to an offensive coach who was on the Browns staff when Kessler got drafted in 2016.

“They drafted Kessler because the owner wanted him,” the coach said.

Well, now it makes more sense to me.


42 thoughts on “A Cody Kessler Backstory As He Signs With Eagles

  1. Hey Wolf! Send McGhghy to evaluate the talent! Jack Sears, he’s my starter…….hey bartender! Give me a Jack Sears, the straw that stirs the drink…..Jack Sears, who just graduated early with a BS in Business Administration! No wonder he was preoccupied in Spring practices lol…pretty sure I’m the only one here that pointed that out long ago lol….Hey Mr. Sears! Much respect! Fight On! ✌️Great job! Impressive!


  2. Ok, here goes, Cody Kessler’s gotten more mileage out of his pro career than either of the Mater Dei QBs, Leinart and Barkley….


    1. You’re just making things up again? Could’ve sworn Barkley is still getting paid. Which is more than we can probably say about you. Trojan wannabe. What a joke.


      1. Just wondering what a dolt like you does when everyone else is gainfully employee? You are the biggest hypocrite. Go burn some books.


      2. I love Carson. He, Darnold, and Vince Evans are my favorite Trojan QBs….but, he played at Santa Margarita, not Mater Dei…..


      3. Oh I see how you play. You move the lines as you go…thought you’re scenario was public vs Catholic but that didn’t fit anymore, huh?


      4. Carson was athletic, but he wasn’t black enough for you to compare him to Bryce. You’re a piece of work.


      5. Carson was the greatest pocket passer ever at USC….sure, he was a great athlete too….and, a great pro career….


      6. So funny you had to go back 40 yrs to find a black qb to compare him to when Sam was athletic too.. racists always have excuses.


      7. I’ve liked Vince Evans since his days at USC and became a 6th round pick by the Bears in 1977….. he also had a long pro career….went to high school in North Carolina….


      1. Never said that, said you’re a wannabe. Big difference. Use your public school education and read what I wrote, not what you wanted me to write.


    1. That’s fine, but, he’s handling his business and hustling and keeping a great attitude….it’s more than most of us thought possible…..


  3. These are the SC qb’s that I know that played high school ball at Catholic High Schools:

    Haden: Bishop Amat
    Paul McDonald: Bishop Amat
    Carson Palmer: Bishop Amat
    Daniels: Mater Dei
    Barkely: Mater Dei
    Bryce Young: mater Dei (Future)

    I am sure there others, but that is what pops up in my mind.


    1. Dear Pasadena Trojan, that’s a marvelous list of Trojan quarterbacks, all kidding aside. I particularly liked Paul McDonald, a lefty. He ran the ballclub with humility and grace, mixed with his own brilliance. Paul’s broadcasting abilities were top notch and kept me informed and into the game many times. I must say the same about Pat Haden. I grew up in Covina, which is just a few short miles and minutes from Bishop Amat in La Puente, CA. I am well aware of their prowess, which adds so much to world, as do all Catholic high schools. What would the world be without them? Certainly, not as devout and interesting. They, and you, are some of the salts of the earth. Fight On. I also think Pope Francis and company are set to implement new policy on June 1, 2019……well done……I was ribbing ole Pudly for debate because I know he’s a lifelong Mater Dei-er.


      1. PS……Here’s a Pope Quiz: What’s the most frequent of Pope names? Answer: John-21 times……….then, Gregory, 16 times……I hope this is correct…..I see Stephen checks in at 9 times, 8th on the distinguished list. don’t be upset with me, I like making the list, even as an outsider.


      2. In your eagerness to put up your trivia question you cited John the most chosen name for a Bishop of Rome….well Roncalli chose John and his was John XXIII. He chose that to replace the pontiff deemed abominable who called himself John XXIII (1410 – 1415) whose surname was ‘Casa’

        Amazing your ‘research’ considering Roncalli was post-WWII what?


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