A Name You Won’t Forget

UCLA received a commitment tonight from linebacker Jeremiah Trojan of Chandler, Ariz.

Trojan’s best offers were from Arizona State, Boston College, Purdue, UCLA and Wisconsin. He is not rated by Rivals yet but Chip Kelly does his own thing when it comes to recruiting.

But if he actually signs with UCLA, how many times will he get asked about his last name and whether he ever wanted to go to USC?

USC did not offer Trojan.


13 thoughts on “A Name You Won’t Forget

  1. Best of luck to him, but if he is serious about going to the best football program, then Wisconsin is by far the obvious choice among that group.

    A representative year for Wisconsin is about 10-3 in a tough conference, despite the fact that their recruiting classes are ranked in the 40s.

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    1. 67, I’m just thinking a kid from chandler, az would feel a bit like a ruin at a workplace. Hard to imagine a kid going from 120* to 20* below.

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    1. owns you stupid slut, if this site had a edit button I’d fix my mistakes, until it does it’s no biggie to mi. However I’m glad they don’t actually as it would give you a chance and go back and delete your responses, which are so entertaining. Like watching the chimps at the monkey park.


  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Chip Kelly has gone the Leonard Tose route. He is not doing a good job of recruiting at UCLA. Kelly has been living off of his gimmick offense for too long now. And the rest of the world has caught up and passed him by.
    When he coached at Oregon, he was able to recruit players that fit into his hurry up offense system. And it worked. At UCLA, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to his recruiting. His diamond in the rough recruiting style just doesn’t seem to fit at UCLA.

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    1. Kelly is notorious at loathing the recruiting task of being a head coach. It’s known everywhere which means his personality is what any opponent will raise when convincing an athlete said athlete will not be happy playing there.

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