Derryck Thornton Visiting Schools

USC point guard Derryck Thornton is visiting Boston College today per Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports.

Thornton is also considering Gonzaga, St. John’s, Auburn and Texas Tech.

My advice to Thornton is to look hard at Boston College and St. John’s. Gonzaga has little experience at point guard, though, so it probably tempts him. But if he wants to play, BC and St. John’s have to better options.


6 thoughts on “Derryck Thornton Visiting Schools

      1. Thanks to 4 years of Andyain’twinning’s coaching, McLaughlin is able to cash a minor league pro-BB check.

        Not every bozo can become a Nick “Shitty P” Young.


    1. As for Derryck Thornton, why not Loyola Marymount or Pepperdine or Irvine? There are plenty of good basketball schools right here in SoCal. It could keep him in the west and might provide playing opportunities, which seems a riskier proposition in distant regions. But, it’s complicated, i’m sure.

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      1. Heck, i’d even look at Cal State Fullerton or Long Beach St. He might get a chance to come back and beat his old running mates!


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