A Tale Of Two Pictures

One of the things that bothers me about USC track coach Caryl Smith-Gilbert is whenever the Trojans win a trophy, she inserts herself right in the middle of the photo and holds the trophy. It’s the athletes who win these titles, why not let them take center stage?

Smith-Gilbert is even blocking out at least one athlete in the photo.

I’ve yet to meet a track coach who scored a point in a competition won by their teams.

If you disagree, look at the photo of the Oregon men’s track team celebrating its 13th-straight Pac-12 title below. Where is the coach? He’s the guy in the yellow pullover that is barely in the photo. An athlete holds the trophy. There are even some female athletes jumping in. But no one ever upstages the USC track coach.


28 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Pictures

  1. Uh oh!! Look out Caryl! scottie’s coming for you. 2 championships in a row put you on his radar…
    please, please don’t tell me you play golf too.

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    1. So typical of Scott not to do a little background checking. The runner hiding behind Smith Gilbert has explained numerous times that she didn’t WANT to be seen due to unsightly tear in uniform….

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      1. Everyone knows coaches don’t matter…look at football, just turn them out and let them go… just wondering, how many T&F championships the women won prior to coach Gilbert?

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      2. gt —- You nailed it—- Helton and Enfield are doing what they can to avoid any repeats of this photo controversy!

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    2. Winning the regular season Pac-12 title is not the same as winning a Championship.

      A Championship Pusley auld twat is won in NCAA sponsored tournament competition.

      And as you well know Pulsey Dear, Felony U rarely does well in competitive tournaments.

      #stink on


      1. I expected nothing less…
        I notice all those football and basketball coaches who don’t receive their trophies or take pics either,,,,not


      1. Twice as stupid? Posting only make it twice as obvious when you repeat your sharp little remark in two posts. Such a creative angle you took. Man, will I ever sleep or eat again? An internet bully. I’ve heard about you.

        Suck eggs


    1. Sponsored by Wally’s Cholo Burritos, BFD!

      Dear Pusley, you pathetic cretin, so the Univ. of So. Carolina wins the Crosstown Cup? Give us a heads up when Felony U wins a BB NC.

      UCLA prefers to consentrate on team NCAA NC’s.

      Dear PusIey, I believe I will toast UCLA Athletes with a shot of “wisky.”


      1. PuhahhahahHa, puzzly she is your mama too!! Did she come down to the basement while you guys were sodomizing each other and tell you this??

        Everyone knows you, Justowns and Budda 3 brothers living in your mother’s basement! Stop jerking each other off and get a job!


  2. What bothers me more is that she really has no idea how to run the
    men program. 5th in the conf. is pure crap. Throws and of course
    distance beyond 800 M is a total zero almost. Jumps outside of the
    High was weak. Getting beat badly by the ‘ruins at home was a
    disgrace. Look how she wasted Michael Norman & Rai Benjamin in
    last year’s NCAA meet if you followed the track portion closely.

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    1. I SO wish Scott would go to that cleaner, clearer format (“Fucking Hate USC With Me”) —-and on same day it’d be nice if MSNBC converted to “Fucking Hate Trump With Us” and Fox converted to “Fucking Love Trump With Us”….

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  3. Like

  4. Scott you are THE MOST complete unadulterated POS I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.

    The angle you try to work this commentary on a GREAT T&F coach is nauseating.

    I would pay a lot of money to watch her slap your sorry ass into next week you little snot bubble.

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    1. Scott asked me to get clarification as to what you meant by “a lot of money”…..and to find out to whom the money would be paid…..


  5. “It’s the athletes who win these titles, why not let them take center stage?”

    And if they won nothing, you’d be attacking the coach and putting her photo up so all can see.

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