USC Afternoon Notes

USC clinched the Crosstown Cup, 105-85, after defeating UCLA in rowing last weekend.

It’s a bittersweet victory after a narrow loss in the women’s water polo championship and beach volleyball championships.

  • Former offensive lineman Nico Falah is believed to have torn his Achilles at Denver Broncos practice.
  • Point guard Boogie Ellis, who was released from Duke, committed to Memphis. He had USC as a finalist.
  • The Trojan Football Alumni Club Golf Classic will be June 14 at Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine. Sounds like a good day for Lynn Swann to be out of the office.

11 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

    1. UCLA wins its #117 NC by sweeping the Felony U BchVB team 3 – 0.

      Felony U loses the women’s WP NC to Stanford – choka, choka, choka.

      But on the other hand, Felony U has been awarded the prestigious Crosstown Cup sponsored by Wally’s Cholo Burritos.

      I know the missing link is extremely proud because he regularly eats Wally’s $.50 gourmet mackerel burritos.


      1. Count the Football titles for the Trojans. Also, gymnastics is crap and
        is really sports entertainment much like the WWE. USC has more in
        baseball than cheating ‘ruins basketball, and way, way more in football!


  1. Steve B.,

    Please do not insult WWE by comparing it to Thug U aka ruinville gymnastics. WWE has more integrity than ugly.


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