USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Taking Charge!

Clay Helton took Clancy Pendergast off the recruiting road in January and told him to cut down the size of the defensive playbook, according to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

“The package you have is brilliant, but it’s a lot,” Helton reportedly told Pendergast.

I don’t doubt Helton made Pendergast simplify the defense. But why did Helton say he pulled Pendergast off the road to do it? Pendergast does minimal recruiting and when he does make some home visits, they make little impact with his dry personality. He is a recruiting negative.

You notice he didn’t ask Pendergast to visit Georgia, Clemson or Alabama. Pendergast doesn’t like outside advice so that would be a no-go to seek outside counsel.

  • When former USC women’s soccer coach Laura Janke pleads guilty today in Boston federal court, she has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in the case and could be called to testify against others. That sounds like bad news for Donna Heinel.
  • I got an email from a Pac-12 track coach, who I have never heard of before they identified themselves, telling me that other coaches in the conference also notice the way USC coach Caryl Smith-Gilbert always stands in the center of team photos after meets. So I guess I’m not alone.

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Taking Charge!

  1. I just wonder if the jail system will fit the lbgtq or what ever they call themselves will protest because the jail system does not recognize their group?

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  2. When my kids team won the state championship in cross country in high school their coach was not anywhere near the trophy presentation, he was barely noticeable. I asked why he wasn’t near the kids and he said they won, not me, I didn’t run the race.

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    1. I guess it never occurred to you that your kids’ coach was nowhere near the trophy presentation because he had illegally competed in the race and hadn’t had time to change back into his coach clothes —–why else would he volunteer “I DIDN’T run the race”?!!

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      1. High school kids receiving a trophy without their coach? I’d like to see that picture dad..I’m sure you’ve got one, huh?

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      2. Pudly —If I didn’t know better, I’d say the story was apocryphal…..

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      3. Only here can a coach win a title, back to back, and be criticized for the photo, which somehow proves her lacking character. I’m sure opposing coaches will use this as recruiting fodder against her too.

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      4. Pudly —Scott was taking it easy on Smith-Gilbert. There is SO much more that is just plain wrong going on in that photo —but Scott was too merciful to get into it….. I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before the Feds are all over this ……

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    1. My drudge reference was for this link – the SJ Mercury-News shouldn’t surprise anyone – that rat hole is the center of junk majors and social justice insanity….these elitists want their own ‘Committee of Public Safety’ and also they await their own ‘Joseph Fouche’.

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  3. And nobody has heard of the track coach who Scott has never heard of before he identified himself (I’m confused why are the anonymous plural?)
    But I wonder if this coach doubles as an NFL coach or an anonymous Alabama coach who knows a local radio personality that dated the head of the anonymous donations league. But The important thing as this source totally agreed that it is wrong for a coach to be pictured with their team. Even if it keeps the coach from having to pick the student who gets to hold the trophy, leaving the rest of team jealous of the hand picked trophy holder


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