Chris Steele To Oregon

Cornerback Chris Steele, who left Florida last week, is transferring to Oregon.

So how many more times would he need to transfer to go to USC?

He still knows he won’t develop if he goes to USC. And Oregon is picking up some huge recruits in the meantime.


23 thoughts on “Chris Steele To Oregon

  1. Crap, I thought all 5-star recruits were locks to sign with Felony U ’cause they want to compete in an ELITE FB program.

    Apparently, that loud SUCCX rah-rah bombast is monumental BS!

    What 5-star recruit wants to join a lazy bozo FB program that lost to their 2 – 8 crosstown rival UCLA 34 – 27?

    Gong goes the Vic Bell again!



    1. Owns,

      WHERE’S MIQUE?????

      Google what Mique decided on buddy. It’s not the news you want to hear about if you are a ruin fan.


  2. Hahahahaha

    ruins never even in the discussion. When was the last time sports were relevant in westwierd if they didn’t cheat. The worst program in D1. And he tries to put it on someone else. ruins are so bad they think 3 wins is a good thing. What a Dolt.

    fucla, where coaches go to die… but the fans are happy with 3 wins.

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      1. Pudly, my bad as I didn’t see your earlier post.

        Though on the other hand, perhaps it is not a bad idea to re-post information that goes to show what goes around comes around…


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    1. Pudly —I’m beginning to suspect that a certain person’s constant references to spanking/dinging/gonging the victory bell mean something different from what we may have earlier thought….

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      1. Can you imagine as an 18-21yr old student & sitting besides JUSTHIDEOUS in a class or worse yet having him assigned as your roommate in the dorm as a freshman?


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      2. Cal75 –I like to believe that—- had we befriended Owns when he was 18— he would have ended up a happy, productive, virtuous citizen of the United States of America…..


    2. No UCLA BB HC has ever sported the ghastly 44 – 64 record vs Pac-12 conf opponents like Andyain’twinning during his 6-year miscarriage of BB coaching competence.

      Things are so bad for Felony U BB, that Andyain’twinning rudely hires a recruits Ta-Ta for no show employment to land the recruit – sometimes referred to as an “Enfield twofer;” or as I call it, illegally purchasing a recruits services by stuffing a large sum of money in his Ta-Ta’s pocket the recruit can access like an ATM.

      Of course, Andyain’twinning didn’t know squat about Tony Bland’s illegal activities on behalf of Andyain’twinnings Felony U BB program.



      1. Sorry, you’re not making sense again, somehow the disconnect of players not being taught anything but allowed to play should matter but just doesn’t register with the likes of you. Your righteousness indignation rings hollow as a wooden speech on character and hard work… the “pyramid of sleaze and corruption”.

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      2. Pudly —Like any great salesman, J. W. believed every, single beautiful word of the pyramid speech (WHILE he was giving it).

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      3. He was at Home Depot, a nice little saturday. With the wife.
        He had no involvement or knowledge.
        Home Depot.
        Yeah, yeah I’m sure of it.
        He was definitely with the wife at Home Depot.
        Now will you please stop badgering our coach and tell me why the #1 LB in the nation from 3 years ago only played 14 games in 3 seasons at UCLA and has just announced he was leaving the Bruins to play at UTAH?

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  3. As long as Dick Head Swann, and Bozo Helton are involved with USC football, they won’t be landing any 5 star recruits, because they have the intelligence to go elsewhere

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