Some Pretty Good USC Tickets Are Available

I’m going to have more on this tomorrow, but this simulated view is for tickets that currently available at the Coliseum.

It’s for a seat that requires joining a booster club and paying a seat fee, but it is available.


24 thoughts on “Some Pretty Good USC Tickets Are Available

    1. Janke CSUF grad plead guilty today…you must be proud. And she was heard sing on her way out of court today…”say a little prayer for me…”

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      1. Prayer is for all who seek His face. In fact, the only sins I know of that you don’t have to pray for are those leading to death.


      2. You may find it here: 1st John chapter 5, verse 16-17…..16. If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin which does not lead to death, he will ask, and He will give him life for those who commit sin not leading to death. There is sin leading to death. I do not say that he should pray about that….17. All unrighteousness is sin, and there is sin not leading to death……


      3. PS….just to be clear, you can pray for all sins, but, the Lord clearly draws a distinction here to admonish the premature taking of His creation. Your case will be harder, and, we must be careful not to put limits on what God can do……Amen


      4. Yup owns another public school grad… this time csuf, no matter how you try you keep proving that the edumacation counts!!
        Keep working owns, you’re bound to find a positive story of public edumacation sooner or later.


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      1. I like the Popes….I hope the numbers were correct…if not, please forgive me, it doesn’t lead to death, Soviet….


      2. Pope Francis due out with a new Catholic worldwide policy on June 1, 2019…..can’t wait, even though I’m an Independent, I think he’s tackling much….


      3. And, about the Coliseum seat sections, I’ve known them by heart ♥️ since my freshman year!


  1. A recent grad (12 yrs) paid a fee to a booster club to get a better pick for the two season tickets he bought. He told me the 2 seats ran a little over $550.00 each for 6 home games. He did have to pay to the booster club to make that jump. His are in the closed end zone. He ‘purchased’ two old seats for nostalgia ‘BUT’ also said the new seats, unlike the high roller seats, are NOT comfortable to sit in….the big donors have cushions placed on their seats. The two ‘obstructed view’ areas on either side of the press box – condominiums – Haden’s ‘manse’ – are not going to have seats. Some believe they will be eventually.

    Completion has to be ready for the home opener in September both rams and USC.

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    1. $3300.00 for two seats at 6 lousy, SUCCX home FB games + an eye-watering Fat Cat Booster fee – simply ridiculous.

      A Felony U FB fool and his cash are easily parted.


      1. Four free tickets when you buy a ‘slurpee’ @ 7/11 that’s the way you draw 35K to a masquerade of a college football program 20 miles from its’ campus in a stadium that never is filled.

        Oh, almost forgot, gymnastics outdraws mens basketball at Jonniekins ‘the Peckerwood’ Shrine.

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  2. I know for a fact that even better seats are available as I cancelled my six seats on the aisle at the 50 yard line (based in the new configuration). I’ll buy equally good seats on stubhub for a fraction of the cost. This way my money will no longer go to support an institution that continues to employ Swann and Helton. Once the two of them are fired and replaced with competent and experienced people I will return to my prior TAF membership level.

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  3. My family gave up on the Coliseum and will probably buy tickets to a couple away games. My first tickets (the ones I bought) were Section 15 and we were able see fine. After being seated in broken seats and having a drunk visitor fan vomit their tailgate gumbo all over the row in front of us, after getting jostled at the gate and being burned by the Sun in seats warned by an early start, we decided it’s not worthwhile the money.

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  4. Yo Pusley be mad, really mad

    “And still they outdraw the lousy chocolate chip and his ruins…what’s that tell you.”

    No Clue Pusley, but I do know this fact:

    UCLA (2-8) 34 – Felony U (5 – 5) 27



  5. SCooter,

    your drawing at the top is not the Coliseum, even with the new Haden suties. What stadium did you use to portray the Colisuem?


  6. This is all downright extortion by Nikias, Pat Haden, Ron Orr in the Athletic Department (Trojan Athletic Fund guy) and Lynn Swann. What ever possessed these fools to think that they have a winning product that people drool over ? Crummy coach, crummy team, and now crummy seats. As long time season ticket holders, and alums, we’ve decided to catch other college teams in Southern California for a change and not feel like we’re being screwed in the process. So, this year we’ll catch an Occidental (division III) game, Univ of San Diego v U.C. Davis, a San Diego State game, a UCLA game, and a few Stanford games in Palo Alto. This whole experience with these money grabbing assholes has been a real eye opener, and is downright disgusting.


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