USC Morning Buzz: Here’s How Many Seats Are Available

This is Section 122B at the new Coliseum, which is near midfield behind the USC bench. And those green dots are all the available seats in that section for donors to purchase.

Now a few things to note:

  • These seats require a $5,000 initial payment toward an annual contribution of $10,000
  • There is also a $3,000 seat fee payable over four years

That said, the large amount of available seats tells me quite a bit about how fans feel about USC at the moment. It also provides some proof about the sagging ticket sales.

Some fans say these seats are available every season. Some will blame the seat fees. But do you really think there would be this many empty seats 10 years ago? How about two years ago?

Those are four seats in Row 6 on the aisle available.

Here’s something else to consider: The Coliseum tower displaced a lot of people who had good seats under the pressbox. They needed to move somewhere in a Coliseum that is going to be an all-time-low capacity of 77,500 seats. And still there are loads of seats available in Section 122B.

Something is wrong here.

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Here’s How Many Seats Are Available

  1. For the life of me I cannot understand why they didn’t spread those luxury boxes around the the rim of the stadium. They could have updated the press box for the media and then added a couple of rows of luxury boxes on the north and south rim. Paying as much as you need to in order to secure seats at a televised game is a waste of money.

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    1. Your mistake is you are sober. You have to think like Pat Haden instead of thinking logically. Haden’s Folly will be remembered for generations. SC could be playing at the state of the art stadium in Inglewood instead of this century old track stadium. But if you are going to refurbish the Coliseum , they should have done it like you said. SC Fans will wise up that they could watch the games at home and then go out and have a lavish prime rib dinner at Lawrys and still save thousands of dollars instead of sitting in that dilapidated old relic.

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      1. Uh…except…there is no track at the stadium…and it’s no longer “dilapidated”…and, really, you think playing next door to the campus is a bad thing? What are you smoking?


    2. They could have but it would have cost more money, and for reasons not entirely explained, Max Nikias and his henchmen capped the budget at $250,000,000. Haden was the point man and will get much of the blame, but this was a Max Nikias decision to go cheap.

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  2. I believe the media will be well taken care of in the new “tower of power”….being that the Coliseum is perpendicular to the 110 freeway, a north-south one, wouldn’t that indicate there are “luxuries” on the south rim? The Peristyle open end would be the “east rim”, and the closed end would be the west rim. I get what you’re maybe inferring that if you’re gonna build the tower on one side, why not continue it at least the entire length of that side to eliminate the dreaded “obstructed seat look” that the Coliseum is now saddled with? You could have lowered the “tower of power” entrance prices as you get to the goal line and beyond, and, even have built shops and/or restaurants to ensure occupancy, but, at least, there wouldn’t exist the eye soar of practically useless seats. Maybe, initial construction costs scared some of the decision makers off. Maybe, they just didn’t think it through.

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    1. As for the north rim, I’m glad they left it basically as is. Acoustics(fan noise) would be underwhelming maybe with luxury boxes all the way around. How much noise will fans in “the boxes” actually provide, thus affecting Trojan home field advantage? As Scott meticulously reports, great seats in great open air sections, still available!

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      1. Maybe, they got caught up in seating capacity volume, maybe, the Historical Society was on their back…I just dislike building something anew with so many seating flaws…..

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    2. A north south freeway runs north and south making the two benches north and south. I stand by my original statement. The sun sets behind the giant TV aka west and rises in the torch’s end aka east.


  3. This section where there are plenty of seats available is the former Tunnel 22, seats 101 through 115, and Tunnel 21, seats 1 through 15. What happened here is that the ticket office, Haden, Nikias, and Ron Orr (of the Trojan Athletic Fund) decided they would screw long time season ticket holders in this section and move them elsewhere, unless they agreed to pay the ransom imposed on them. They completely ignored the fact that most of these ticket holders have an implied contract of maintaining their seats provided they pay for them. USC was unwilling to let this happen. This is the same situation the Rams found themselves in when they moved from Anaheim to St. Louis. Season ticket holders filed a lawsuit against the Rams organization to preserve their seating location in the new stadium. The Court of Appeal held that if these had been the actual ticket holders, in whose names the seats were held, the Rams were obligated to give them their seats in the new stadium. What USC did was displace longtime ticket holders in the lower rows and not give them the option of renewing, even if they agreed to pay the new licensing fees. Plus, the university limited the number of seats available to them at four (4). At around row 35 in this section, USC would keep these rows empty and use them for recruits to sit in. Apparently, USC felt this was a waste of potential big donor revenue and has decided to move these recruit seats into the first couple of rows of that section. This has angered many of the season ticket holders in that section and threats of lawsuits have been made. What SC did was offer ticket holders the opportunity to purchase four (4) seats in the former Tunnel 17, at around rows 49 to 69 and many have declined. Lawsuits are inevitable against SC and those involved in this scheme, like Ron Orr, Pat Haden, Nikias and Lynn Swann.

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    1. You’d think they would’ve filed last year to stop the seat reassignment…didn’t they already move people last year?? Hmm, which boosters told you this?


      1. Hey Pudwacker, you don’t know shit about anything and even less about season tickets. You’re a Gawd Damn clown. LOL!


  4. “These seats require a $5,000 initial payment toward an annual contribution of $10,000There is also a $3,000 seat fee payable over four years”

    Shit…that’s what USC wants someone to pay to see a second rate coach, at best, screw up a bunch of talented football players and a once respected Trojan football program?

    USC and it’s BoT must be either crazy or really fucking stupid or just plain full of shit.


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