Matt Barkley’s Unusual Request

Did you hear former USC QB Matt Barkley tried to get the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals to pay him in Bitcoin? Both teams refused.

Seems like a bit of luxury request from a player who has bounced around the league before signing with the Buffalo Bills last season.

Apparently, Barkley is really into cryptocurrency. Aren’t you glad to know about this?

  • An NBA scout discussed Kevin Porter‘s value today. He heard stories about Porter’s attitude. And still thinks he will be a first-round pick.
  • And here is a view of available tickets for Section 121A at the Coliseum.



4 thoughts on “Matt Barkley’s Unusual Request

  1. SCooter,

    I bet you wish you just got paid to do what you do, let alone in bit coin. You can make a lot of money in that crap shoot, but lose a lot of money as well as an investment.


  2. Reminds one of that ‘story’ of what prompted Joe Kennedy to exit the stock market in 1928 a full year before its’ collapse. Legend has it he was getting his shoes polished by a bootblack outside his Wall Street office. While he was waiting for the shine to be completed the guy began talking and giving stock tips he’d heard. Kennedy thought to himself “If a guy shining shoes thinks he has a ‘hunch’ it is time for me to get out.” And he did –

    It seems Barkley has been bitten by the greed factor – then again he always had that phony ‘$&!)’ eating grin on his ‘cherubic’ face.


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