Talking USC Football

I did an interview with Mark Rogers where I discussed the state of the USC football, Clay Helton and Lynn Swann’s salaries, who the coaches want to start at QB and more . . .

5 thoughts on “Talking USC Football

  1. Good discussion …. worth listening to…Swann needs to go as both the host Mark Rogers, and Scott both noted with Scott saying he might be gone in 6 mos..

    Hope Sears forces Helton out of his cave mindset….Wolf spoke about Steel passing USC twice and now committing to OR. Rogers said, more than once, USC is in the top 5 nationally also towards the end re. Meyers – they both said Swann would have to be gone to make that happen but I also think it is possible as no one in the history of college football has ever won three NC at three different schools.

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    1. Easy, Dear Pusley, Sears didn’t spend his free time on this blog reading your asinine comments, whiny bimbo rants or your cheesy excuses, excuses, excuses, etc., etc., etc., pretense!



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