USC Closes In On Milestone

With its 10-7 loss to Oregon on Saturday, the USC baseball team is 22-27-1.

There are five games left for the Trojans. If USC does not go 5-0, the Trojans will finish with a losing record.

And that would mean for the first time in the history of the University of Southern California, the football, basketball and baseball teams would have losing records.

Lynn Swann!

19 thoughts on “USC Closes In On Milestone

  1. Shhhh! Don’t jinx it, Scott. Lynn hasn’t made it happen yet….

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  2. USC keeps pushing me away by taking the year off in sports. I may take up Golf. Ok I’m not that sad. But this is starting to look like the beginning of anothet ESPN 30for30 “USC……WTF Happened?”

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    1. Sam —- I get your point…..

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  3. Men Sports stinks right now. Too many ex-‘ruin coaches heading up
    the programs. Hubbs has got to be´rid of immediately when season over.
    Dumb move taking out starter after 3 batters with the usual non-
    existent bullpen giving up 10 runs anyways. Dave Salo has done what
    for the men swimming team year after year? Nobody seems to care in
    the athletic dept. or the alumni who remembers Peter Daland and all his
    titles of the 70’s. Peter Smith going thru the motions while his two sons
    are on the tennis team with one finally leaving. No excuse losing easily
    at home to UNC in Sweet 16 last week. Men Track being humiliated at
    home by the ‘ruins a disgrace after beating them badly last year in
    Westwood! Then there is good old boy former ‘ruin Jovan Vavic the
    crooked Water Polo coach doing his thing in the scandals. What a group
    including Mr. Swann at the top of this mess! Fight Off 2019!

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    1. Oh no, the ‘tevie B whines, whine and whines some more. Something never change!

      And until I hear you ‘tevie B advocate Felony U vacate all the Vavic coached WP NC’s, you’re just another typical FOS, SUCCX loser.


      1. So a former ruin criminal is excused from his misdeeds because he had good teams? You are the most stupid illogical person I’ve ever come across.

        Seriously stupid.


  4. Hard to believe that we are witnessing this. Any objective person at USC would have to put the responsibility square on Swann. As I have mentioned before, Folt has too many other fish to fry before she gets to Swann. His total lack of accountability and inaction will do him in. The question is when.

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    1. Don’t forget two other characters responsible for this unmitigated disaster….Nearly eight years after assuming a powerful role as a top lieutenant first to Athletic Director Pat Haden and then later to Lynn Swann, Donna Heinel was arrested by authorities and fired by USC for participating in a bribery scheme with a Newport Beach-based college counseling business known as The Key, using relaxed admission standards designed for talented athletes as a “side door” into the university for students whose test scores and transcripts were not enough to gain admittance to USC. She also was moonlighting on the side, using her stature as a high-ranking USC athletics administrator for outside profit by charging high school coaches, counselors and administrators up to $700 to attend seminars designed to keep her clients up to date with changing rules and regulations pertaining to academic and amateurism certification, recruitment, financial aid and compliance. Both Swann and Haden should hang their heads in shame for their lack of oversight.

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      1. gt –I have a sneaking suspicion that Haden and Swann spend a lot of time (after lunch) hanging their heads……but not “in shame for their lack of oversight”…..
        Swann’s singular thought this morning: “If only the baseball team could sweep the rest of their games and go on to win the college world series…….”


      1. After our terrible football loss in South Bend in 2017, one of our buds on the old site said he wished USC “could get on another streak”……

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  5. Does anybody really want Lynn Swann to be involved with replacing coaches for those teams? I know I don’t, because he has no clue as to how to measure a coaches ability. Swann extended Bozo Helton’s contract, and hired the retread, Mark Trakh as the women basketball coach. So how did that work out for the Idiot, Imbecile Swann?

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  6. Yo, Dear Pusley, the bozo retarded morphodite, rants & raves ignorantly about an owns post.

    “So a former ruin criminal is excused from his misdeeds because he had good teams? You are the most stupid illogical person I’ve ever come across.”

    “Seriously stupid.”

    Dear Pusley, you pinhead Yo-Yo, I posted no such comment.

    Thing is when Vavic coached & won bozo WP NC’s he was thought a bona fide, class A, #1 bozo. Nary a SUCCX soul whined about Vavic UCLA undergrad degree.

    But since Vavic was rudely busted for SUCCX RACKETEERING, a Federal felony, you and several lame rah-rah dwarfs have turned on
    Vavic – to wit: Vavic is now a Bruin that screwed the SUCCX pooch.

    Dear Pusley, you can’t pick your nose and eat it too.

    1) If you refuse to accept Vavic as a full race Toejam, than SUCCX should/must vacate the bozo Water Polo NC’s Vavic helped win.

    2) That way Dear Pusley, you can blame Vavic’s avarice on UCLA w/o appearing as the ignorant, 4 faced CS AH.


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