USC Morning Buzz: Is Lynn Swann On Borrowed Time?

Some people inside Heritage Hall insist USC athletic director Lynn Swann will be out as soon as June.

This might be wishful thinking but it definitely is something making the rounds within the athletic dept. The idea is new president Carol Folt would want to hire a new A.D. when she starts in July.

At the moment, I don’t know if it is true. But I do know people are talking about it.

  • Remember O.J. Mayo? Of course you do.

He scored 40 points for Hunan Jinjian Miye in China this weekend. Hunan plays in the CBL, which is a second division professional basketball league in China.

I will say this for Mayo: He did more in his single season at USC than Kevin Porter.

  • On his Sunday night HBO show, comedian John Oliver was talking about death investigations and said, “A death certificate isn’t like a degree from USC. It actually means something.”

That is more residue from the college admissions scandal.

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Is Lynn Swann On Borrowed Time?

  1. Okay, John Oliver. That explains why people were caught paying hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get their kids into USC…

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      1. Well seeing it’s you that made this statement owns, we’ll yield to your expertise in squandering anything like life, edumacational opportunity, career, etc. Not that you know anything about wealth except what you pick up from Beverly Hillbillies reruns…



  2. Lynn Swann’s contract expires in the upcoming months, and he does not warrant an extension. But because things have been so backwards ass at USC for the last 7 years, and former President, Max Nikias presence is still felt, don’t be surprised if Swann’s contract is renewed.

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    1. Nikias won’t play a role in this.

      If Swann’s contract is indeed up, then I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t hire her own person, given the performance of athletics and the sh*tstorm with Heinel. But then again, stranger things have happened.

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      1. If they were to use Heinel as a reason, they’d also fire the admissions dean and his staff who met with her weekly to go over her admissions files and ask questions?? Much like admissions: “Why is that waterpolo player so short? Almost 6-10” shorter than the rest of our team?”
        Heinel: “he has short but powerful legs, and I know his school doesn’t have a team, but don’t worry he plays internationally.”

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      2. 67 —I hear you but I’m not sure I want the football coaches to have to deal with ANY new wrinkles before August 31st —-even upgrades in the AD spot. And I don’t think a savvy president will want them to either.

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  3. With recent history as our guide, we can assume we will enter football season without an AD if his contract ends in June. There are those of us who believe this will happen even if he is retained.

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  4. I will believe it when I see that Swann is let go at the end of June. It doesn’t make any sense if he is let go on June 30th, and the new president starts on July 1st. She would have to fire him on July 1st at 12:01 A.M. to not have to pay Swann an extra day. The problem with Swann is he is like a cock roach that just won’t die or go away. He is a leech and sunken his teeth into SC’s payroll and will never let go. Get rid of the Mad Greek once and for all and kick him out of the house in San Marino and let him live with Just Rent in Cerritos in the 2 story cardboard box.

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  5. Getting a new AD would be at the very least a step in the right direction. That would be some good news even Scott Wolf couldn’t spin negatively.

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  6. Give Swann and Helton a contract extension, what does USC football have to lose…those two idiots already made Trojan football a laughingstock.



  7. I disagree MG. A new AD is exactly what the coaches need. All of the sports, because they better turn things around fast or they’re gone!

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