Game Of Thrones Talk

The season finale is upon us. How many more characters can die? Who will rule the seven kingdoms?

16 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Talk

    1. Listen to the Jack Straw!!! I have had this one on Google forever. The absolutely incredible solo by Jerry on JS maybe one his very best. They get so wound up they can barely bring it to a close. Weir tries to slow Jerry down but he keeps on shredding. Absolutely epic.

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      1. Poor Owns – I should have expected you would jump in with some bland, stereotypical nonsense. Don’t speak of which you know nothing. That also goes for your football acumen. Some things, namely the Grateful Dead and college football are so far over your little pointed head and limited intelligence you make a fool of yourself rendering your opinion. Owns, you way begotten soul, tell your Mom a lobotomy is in order. Do it before you run off and join the “the feel the Bern” campaign. Mom would never be able to live that down.

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    2. Pudly —What is wrong with you? This discussion was supposed to be about how many more characters die (or return from the dead) on Game of Thrones. And you’ve spoiled everything by talking about other stuff.

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  1. Wasn’t ‘Black Sails’ aka ‘Hookers In Heat’, a spinoff of this mess?

    How about a real series? Vikings….The Borgias…..Billions…..Ray Donovan…Jo’ Momma Strikes back? Just sayin’

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      1. I tried that series Pud but frankly, it seemed like an ‘R’ rated version of ‘NCIS’.

        Some guy thinks he’s Bronson in ‘Death Wish’…what really is amusing is seeing the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the background with a series based in Miami.

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