USC Passes The Buck

When USC gave former medical school dean Carmen Puliafito an $850,000, it said the “previous administration reached a settlement agreement.”

Wanda Austin and Rick Caruso were on the Board of Trustees at the time. Did they object?

And was the previous administration former president Max Nikias, who the current administration made a lifetime member of the Board of Trustees?

9 thoughts on “USC Passes The Buck

  1. I sure get a kick outta USC’s “leadership team.” Everyone is so good at pointing at anyone & everyone else every time something goes wrong (which is to say, all the time). If anyone on the current “leadership team” thought that the settlement agreed to by the previous “leadership team” sent out the wrong message, why didn’t they trot across the street to Superior Court and get a writ of prohibition (preventing payment)?
    #i.e. WhyDidn’tSomebodyTellCarmenToPissUpARope?

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      1. I guess, maybe, because the school has probably been paying off his victims to keep this whole thing from getting bigger [i.e., at this point, going to court over Carmen’s conduct would be a huge fricking legal problem].
        On the bright side, Pudly — USC won their game today…

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  2. Ore. St and Stanford are tied for 2nd place in the Pac-12, so Ore. St. will, of necessity, play tough at home to finish in 1st or 2nd place.

    So the chance Felony U sweeps Ore. St. isn’t impossible, but it’s extremely improbable.



      1. Oregon St. will put the Trojans out of their misery. Who cares at this stage
        if team gets swept to fire Hubbs definitely. Lousy road team with last 4
        away from home to even finish at .500!


  3. SC had to pay Puliafito big bucks to compensate him for ending his career so that a minority woman could ascend to his position. It’s also called reverse discrimination. Feminism has taken over power of SC. That is why the school as an educational institution and as a sports leaders is in fast decline.


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