If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

NCAA commissioner Mark Emmert made $3.9 million for 2017-18, according to Yahoo.

That is outrageous until you consider it is 27 percent less than Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott‘s $5.3 million salary for the same period. And the truth is, USC athletic director Lynn Swann is believed to make between $3-4 million a year.

At least the NCAA and Pac-12 were transparent about those salary figures. USC refused to disclose Swann’s salary. Probably because it knew there would be such a vicious reaction to Swann making that much money. And Swann is the only one of the three who jets off to do an autograph show instead of his job.

  • When is USC wide receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe going to transfer?
  • Did you see Utah has a 97-percent renewal rate for season tickets and a 3,000-person waiting list? Obviously, there are less entertainment options in Salt Lake City but . . . wouldn’t it be refreshing if USC announced these figures for its season tickets? Well, it would probably be more scary at the moment.
  • USC’s best women’s basketball player last season, Minyon Moore, is visiting Oregon this weekend. She averaged 14.8 points, 5.9 assists and 5.5 rebounds last season. The Ducks are national-title contenders for next season. Isn’t it amazing that Oregon and Oregon State has elite women’s basketball programs and USC, with its rich history, is a nothing burger. Thanks, Swann.
  • Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Irvin is the grandson of USC basketball player Roy Irvin, who led the Trojans to the 1954 Final Four. Irvin led the Trojans in scoring (13.0) and rebounds (7.8). Another member of that team, Dick Hammer, is the grandfather of Sam Darnold.
  • USC offered a scholarship this week to quarterback Ty Simpson of Martin, Tenn. He will be a sophomore next season.
  • USC baseball upset No. 12-ranked Oregon State, 2-0, on Thursday night in Corvallis. It’s the final series of the season for the Trojans, who are currently in seventh place in the Pac-12. The victory helped UCLA clinch the Pac-12 title.
  • I would not recommend USC hire Oregon baseball coach George Horton, but his contract is up June 30. Oregon must notify Horton of its intentions for next year by June 16 and if it intends to exercise its option, he has until June 30 to decide whether to return. He hasn’t done a great job at Oregon but I’m sure Lynn Swann and Co. don’t have a clue who to hire if they fire Dan Hubbs. Besides, would you have said USC re-hiring Mark Trakh as women’s basketball coach was ridiculous before it happened?
  • If you are a hockey fan, you might see Marcus Allen at a Blues-Bruins Stanley Cup playoff game. Allen lives in suburban St. Louis, which is far from Southern California and any unwanted attention since ESPN’s O.J. Simpson documentary aired three years ago. Several former USC players told me Allen moved to St. Louis to escape the spotlight after he was portrayed in an unflattering light in the documentary.
  • USC wide receivers coach Keary Colbert was at the St. John Bosco spring game Thursday. Offensive coordinator Graham Harrell and defensive backs coach Greg Burns were at the Mater Dei College Showcase on Wednesday.

Photo/Pierson Clair

  • Here is a photo of USC QB Jack Sears at the USC Athletics Graduation ceremony two weeks ago. If Sears has enough units to graduate by August, does this mean he could transfer during training camp and play at another school this season?

28 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

      1. A truly horrific final ‘denouement’ of what has descended upon USC these past 10 years. Hope this bastard is put in the ‘perv’ block at Atascadero.

        Wonder how Hugh Hefner is enjoying his cell block in hell?


  1. Ever seen someone ‘know’ their job is in jeopardy? It’s because they’re perceived to be failing at what they were hired to do. They try to but no one takes them seriously.


    Note how ‘stern’ porky Clay has become.

    “Was he too nice? I’d say yes in the most respectful way to him. I’d say yes,” Pittman said. “But now this year he’s gotten a little more rough, which is good to see. He’s actually ripped me a couple times in front of the whole team. Nobody likes being called out in front of the team. But I respect him that much more for him calling me out. Being a senior guy, he wouldn’t have done anything in the past. He probably would have let that slide. Just be like, that’s just Pitt. That’s just how he is. But he’s not going to let it slide. …

    “He’s really been on his discipline game. I feel like that’s something we needed. We had a lot of guys doing their own thing, which led to us going 5-7. Just not letting things slide, not hearing people’s excuses to why they missed class, or why they were late. You just don’t even hear it now. You’re late? You’re going to do whatever the punishment is.”

    What a mess.

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    1. Didn’t you want more discipline Alv? I thought that was one of your criticisms of him and now you complain when he instills it. A bit confusing. Anyway, you should listen to the whole interview there’s actually a lot of good stuff, he goes farther than this excerpt. I though he was VERY critical of Ivan Lewis too. And if you listen closely you’ll be able to glean his choice for QB, not the one scottie “says” the players want.

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      1. Pudly —Until proven otherwise, I have high hopes for what Helton is trying to do. My reason? I’ve seen people in lots of professions re-calibrate with great success. It’s not hard to see how Helton got in this mess in the first place. He was hailed as The Players’ Coach! Unlike Kiffin and Sark, he didn’t tell players to “get the f*ck outta my office!” when they came to him with complaints or problems. Recruiting went through the roof cuz everybody wanted to play for the Nice Guy. But, when things go south —due to stuff outta your control (like being a year away from having an experienced QB) — that Nice Guy persona only gets you so far. Now Helton’s doing a 180 on discipline, has himself an enthusiastic and very talented OC , a more than reliable DC and an experienced QB. My guess is that this all adds up to a good (and maybe great) year.

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      2. I wasn’t trying to mock or discount Alv’s opinion, rather wondering what was next on his list of objectives. The part of the Pittman interview that was MOST troubling was his description of the S&C program and the “easy days” they had. At least to me it was most disturbing.

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      3. Pud the issue is bluntly this – why was he given his first head coaching job at one of the top 5 programs in the nation – again his first head coaching job? I realize it was by default but to continue this mess is crazy. It doesn’t matter how much Helton suddenly is going to do a Jekyll-Hyde move that isn’t the problem.

        The issue is he doesn’t have the skill set to be a killer coach. He makes no changes at half-time. The wins he got the past two years are near losses thus he exhausts the starters having to play nearly every down because he keeps letting opponents back into the game.

        The issue is not Helton’s perceived (rightly) a putz in terms of discipline – he hires lousy assistants, he has lousy training regimens, the players are not prepared in September.

        I don;t care what he does this year – he is way way past his pay grade of any kind of top tier skill set and he always always will be.

        Attendance is down and dropping….the entire university is in ‘free fall’ and the sole reason this clown is still there is an awful contract issued by and even worst atheltic director and we all know it.

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    2. Pudly —Agreed. I wasn’t trying to discount Alv’s opinion either. Alv wants a Born Leader as Head Football Coach at USC —a McKay or a Carroll or a Meyer. I get it. And Helton ain’t any of those guys. But we can do just fine with the crew we’ve got if everybody gets on the same page and gives 100% —-and that’s not what we got last year. When I saw Toa LAUGH about the bad snaps that were getting J. T. creamed I knew something was very wrong with the team’s attitude. I think Harrell’s natural exuberance will cure that ennui in a hurry, if it hasn’t already.

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  2. “Several former USC players told me Allen moved to St. Louis to escape the spotlight after he was portrayed in an unflattering light in the documentary.”

    Scottie, that can’t be the reason. Nobody moves to St. Louis just to “escape the spotlight”. So many much nicer places than St. Louis if that is what one wants.

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  3. Jack Sears should transfer ASAP to save his career, because if he stays under the tutelage of Bozo Helton, he’ll never get the chance to display his talents

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    1. Sears should transfer to Washington, staying at USC where the Errand Boy Helton remains totally committed to J.T. Daniels father…is a waste of Sears time and talent.

      I doubt J.T. Daniels ever learns how to stop locking onto one receiver when he gets nervous and scared in the pocket.


      1. Trollboy! You’re back and just like the crack baby you are. what a great post. Haven’t heard it before a 10000 times from you already, but all that crack burnt the two brain cells you and fred share.

        Troll on


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    1. Remember recently Wolf tried to charge $ for this commentary on this site? What a joke.
      If he had any talent the free market would have worked for him. He got canned from the Daily News, a third rate paper and now comments on this blog. I count one paid advertisement on this page currently. Now we know why Wolf still lives with his Mom.

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      1. Michael, I always enjoy your comments….But… I think you’ve got the Daily News story backwards. Yes, it’s a third rate paper. That’s why it allowed complete hacks to take over for Scott. Scott was way ahead of the curve on Kiffin, Haden, Sark, Callaway, Max Browne, Sam Darnold (while the “great” L. A. newspaper and it’s first rate sports guys didn’t seem to have a fricking clue as to what was going on in one situation after another —til they were over, that is, and then we got postscripts). Yes, Scott goes overboard all the time —but polemicist’s do that. That’s why there fun to read.

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      2. MG – please don’t think I am a proponent of the LAT. What a miserable dishrag that is. I canceled my subscription when that jerk T.J. Simers trashed USC all the time. He certainly had the goods on Kiffin, Sark etc. Why shouldn’t Wolf be ahead of the curve on USC? That is all he does for crying out loud. It did not take a brain surgeon to figure out Kiffin was nuts and Sark was a drunk. Frankly, I think he got lucky on the call about Darnold but he was right, I give him that. My free market call on Wolf stands, if he truly had any talent he wouldn’t be doing “Inside USC.”

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    2. Yes. Everything would be SO much better if we didn’t know that Helton and Swann were way overpaid……

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      1. “–but ‘polemicist’s’ do that.”

        Whoa, mikey boy, how long have you been waiting to work “polemicist’s” into a Wolf blog comment?


      2. Michael –I’m doing two things at once today (which is 2 things more than I can handle) so forgive my reply probably winding up in the wrong place. My smart ass “free market” reply was meant for the Fire Clay Helton guy —and as far as Scott goes, I think the way he generates hits is pure genius. I bet no one but Scott himself knows how he really feels on any subject.
        Glad you hate the Times. Of all the transparent propaganda machines in propaganda- land, it’s the transparentest….
        (Again, Cal75 —please leave this be)…..

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      3. I must come to Mr. Wolf’s defense. Yes he lives at home. It appears he’s taking care of a very ill mom. Shes never gotten over spending all that money on SC tuition & has been in a coma ever since. Sympathy to her & the wolfster.


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  4. We might be begging for Helton and Swann back if they are canned and replaced with two feminist female coaches (which is the way the university is headed at the moment). Equality trumps competence at USC. What’s the lesser evil?


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