Baseball Coaching Search Heats Up

Candidates are already emerging for the USC baseball job and people in Heritage Hall gave me two names today. I already mentioned UC Santa Barbara coach Andrew Checketts.

One potential problem is Checketts and his wife are from Oregon and the Ducks are expected to pursue him. And Oregon will offer more money than USC, believe it or not. Still, he is considered a strong candidate.

Another candidate is TCU associate head coach Bill Mosiello, who was USC’s hitting coach in 2007. He has the advantage of working at a private school and knowing the challenges associated with it when it comes to baseball.

Former Cal State Fullerton and Oregon coach George Horton is also waiting in the wings.

12 thoughts on “Baseball Coaching Search Heats Up

    1. UCLA immediately snapped him up.

      #1 UCLA is the #1 seed in the 2019 NCAA baseball tournament.

      #Thank you, Emperor Garrett.


  1. I believe Lynn Swann’s contract expires in July, so he should have nothing to do with the selection of a new baseball coach, unless the University re-signs him .

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    1. Let me let you in on a little secret, Fred —–USC already put Swann in charge of the search for a new Athletic Director……and he picked himself.

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      1. Mickey, that WOULD be very Trumpian of Swannie.

        did i ever mention how George Atkinson and Jack Tatum used to take turns knocking Swannie out cold??

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      2. Charlie! What a lovely birthday present!
        [Point of information —–I hear Lynn was always ‘pretending’ to be knocked out … kinda excuse himself from some of the “things” that happened in the locker]….

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      3. Is it true that the failure of Robert Mueller and his Band of 17 Democrats to find Russian Collusion was so crushing to Charlie Bucket that it roused him out of retirement?

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      4. gt —Was I the only person who noticed how close to wetting his pants Mueller was? He was absolutely scared stiff. Just for fun some Republican in the Senate needs to subpoena the guy —–I guarantee, with 100% confidence, he’ll pass out.


  2. Up chuck,

    Did I ever mention to you how hilarious it was to see McClown spew breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the field in front of 2,500 apethitic ruin fans and on a regional tv against the oregon ducks? Every time I think of him upchucking, I think of you, Clown. Wait a minute, are you McClown or are you related to him, maybe his bi#ch in heat? maybe.


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