USC Finally Fires Dan Hubbs

USC just announced Dan Hubbs will not return as baseball coach after seven seasons.

“We want to thank Dan for his effort and service,” Lynn Swann said in a statement.  “Dan is a good man and a good coach and he always will be a great Trojan.  However, we felt that after seven years under Dan, our program needed new leadership and direction.

“We have a very successful and proud baseball tradition at USC.  We now look forward to the next chapter of USC baseball under new leadership.”

Who will USC hire as his replacement? Swann and Co. have zero aptitide for hiring a baseball coach (or any other coach). Will USC want to pay a good coach somewhere else? Someone should call former Oregon State coach Pat Casey, who retired last year, just to see if he still likes being out of coaching.

UC Santa Barbara coach Andrew Checketts is considered a candidate.

UPDATED: Checketts was offered the USC pitching coach position by Chad Kreuter but turned it down (wisely). USC could find itself going head-to-head with Oregon over Checketts because he was a Ducks assistant prior to going to UCSB.

17 thoughts on “USC Finally Fires Dan Hubbs

  1. The comedy doesn’t start until Lynn Swann starts his baseball coaching search, and based on his selection of the Women’s basketball coach, the administration better hire a searching firm .

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  2. The last three baseball coaches have not been the best. Kruder, the other one and now this. Garrett was not smart by getting rid of Guilesppe. I hope SC gets a good coach. They have enough talent to get to the playoffs, but pitching is really hurting. They need a pitching coach and no, don’t bring back Tom “Smokin” House.

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  3. Mr. Swann may prefer a coaching baseball candidate who is a good golfer! Perhaps one that led their team to the Little League World Series. One whose golf handicap is below Mr. Swann. A college coach that will not rise to the glory of his employer. A coach who will be expected to value the importance of Mr. Swann’s recreational and social priorities over the athletic program.

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    1. Not a bad idea. He can hit a ball from one county to another. It is a proven fact on the last statement. He won with St. Louis.


      1. The guy was a cheat (used PEDs) and a fool (took the advice of his slimey attorney pleading the 5th when admitting what all knew would have given him far more respect and sympathy than he’s ever going to get or deserve.

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  4. The way our system works USC will hire a cricket player from down under to reorganize the baseball aura and realign the chi of the team. Having no experience as a coach or with baseball will not disqualify him. Swann is thinking outside the box.
    This will be followed by mass exits from the team as players and position coaches look for real baseball knowledge.
    Baseball recruiting will concentrate on cricket players looking to get their education in the states. As a parting gift from Lynn Swann (before being declared mentally incapacitated) will be the announcement that the sport of baseball is being replaced by international cricket and that the team will join club cricket until a league forms in the US.
    Don’t 😆 laugh with Swann anything is possible.

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  5. Yes, thank Mr. Hubbs for seven bad years of baseball . His forte
    as a pitching coach was a ruse with too many pitchers injured
    year after year and way under performing coming highly honored
    out of High School. National Search is a real joke when assistants
    are promoted time and again.

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  6. For the first time in 112 years the SUCCX big three sports, FB, BB, and baseball finish their seasons with their WIN record below .500!!!

    FB: 5 – 7 ***Lost the Victory Bell to UCLA!
    BB: 8 – 10 in conf.; and 16 – 17 overall
    Baseball: 13 – 15 -1 in conf.; and 25 – 29 -1 overall

    This SUCCX accomplishment s/b enshrined at Hubris Hall, under the heading of – The Year When Mighty, Mighty Felony U Really, Really SUCCed.



  7. Pasadenatrojan what is so funny is all those govt. paid coached up there quoting this fraud…the funniest os that gal that just ‘retired’ as their female gymnast coach ‘Kondos Field’ with the next goal teaching about what a stellar individual was the ‘cowardly peckerwood’…it’s all they have Title IX fatties playing softball.


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