Stevie Ta’ikolovatu Has Not Played A Down In NFL?

Did you know that former USC defensive tackle Stevie Ta’ikolovatu has not played a regular-season down of football since he was the defensive MVP of the 2017 Rose Bowl?

Ta’ikolovatu was selected in the seventh round of the NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but missed his rookie year with a knee injury. He spent last season on injured reserve with a triceps injury.

Tampa Bay waived Ta’ikolovatu on Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Stevie Ta’ikolovatu Has Not Played A Down In NFL?

  1. I’m with Pudly 76, he does sound like Fred, some people just hate USC, and Clay Helton for no reason at all .


  2. Sad to hear that another former Felony U draftee is a team cut.

    One wonders what Dear Pusley, Felony U roadkill, will conjure as an excuse for Stevie Ta’ikolovatu’s NFL floperuski.



  3. some injuries do not heal well…seemed like a pretty rugged trench guy.
    he got his shot at NFL …now he will find something else to do with his degree


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