USC Morning Buzz: The Bru McCoy Saga Continues

Texas coach Tom Herman is flying to Southern California today with QB Sam Ehlinger and wide receivers coach Drew Mehringer for a final full-court press to convince Bru McCoy to remain with the Longhorns.

I originally heard McCoy was homesick but a USC coach gave me a more specific reason this morning which I wrote at (behind paywall).

McCoy did not attend the Orange County Athletic Directors athletes of the year dinner Tuesday night. His father accepted his award. A decision is expected by the end of the week.

By the way, this is hardly the most interesting recruiting story involving a Palos Verdes-native football player. On Signing Day on 2005, Pete Carroll said he was waiting for tight end Erik Lorig to make his decision but that Lorig had locked himself into his bedroom and refused to come out. Carroll said he never spoke to him that night because Lorig never came out of his room.

Lorig did not sign a letter of intent until late May when he decided to go to Stanford.

“About two days before Signing Day, I realized I was in trouble because I had no idea what school to pick and loved all four equally (Cal, Stanford, UCLA and USC),” Lorig told Rivals. The weight of the decision really started to weigh on me and I realized, this is the biggest decision of my life, one that will affect the rest of my life and I had no idea what to do.”


34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Bru McCoy Saga Continues

  1. If Bru McCoy wants to go to the NFL, and play for an up and coming, National Championship caliber coach, then he’ll play for Clay Helton, and his USC Trojans.

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    1. Exactly, Mr. Fan Boy! If Bru goes back to Texas it means he’s a loser….


    2. He’s the missing piece to Helton winning a National Championship.
      I think Helton is the man.
      Just needs a freshman to solve his problems.
      I agree buddy.

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      1. His parents pushed him to Texas when they seen USC was crumbling but they should have backed off as it now looks he was never fully on board with everything.

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  2. Interesting question —Let’s say Bru had some fricking idea where he wanted to play college football, and let’s say his choice is USC —- would it be possible for Bru to tell Tom Herman not to bother coming out? If Tom came out anyway, wouldn’t that constitute some kind of NCAA violation?

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    1. No. After being notified a school has two days to enter his name into the portal during which they can try and convince them to change their mind.

      Btw, Texas great player development got 2 horns drafted… yeah 2.

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      1. Thanks, my bud. [You know —given what you just told me —-this process is nuts & the only thing it’s gonna promote is drama queenism]…..

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      2. The whole system was not well thought out, then some of the waiver approvals let everyone think it would be a free-for-all…
        Since Bru never signed his waiver application form for Texas, I wonder if he even needs to file one if he comes back since his original scholarship still seems viable.

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      3. Pudly —I totally agree with you…..

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      4. Pudly — Ya know, on second thought, I think the NCAA is overstepping if they tell a kid he has to listen to a coach’s sales pitch once he’s decided to bolt. What if McCoy’s family hired a security guard and posted him at the front door of their home with specific instructions to tell Herman to get on the next plane back to Texas? Would the NCAA side with Herman if he tried to break in? I mean, come on! McCoy needs to communicate that he’s thought it over and he wants outta Texas —then if Herman shows up at his house, have somebody throw Herman out —-that would be so cool!

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      5. Pudly,

        When does the count start? In this instance, Bru left Texass on Sunday. Today is Wednesday. The two day portal is over so Herman can’t talk to him. Is that how it works or am I wrong? Thank you.

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      6. It starts when they actually notify the school. Not sure if it’s happened yet or just happened.


  3. I hate to be a smart a**.
    So i had to tell the fan boy dude i was BS’ing.

    Helton is garbage.
    He’s a good personality, but blind in every way possible to be the leader at USC.


    1. Says trollboy… what a surprise.

      5* receiver being such a punk that three coaches from texass and a qb flew out to bring him back. Only pissant around here is you trollboy.

      Troll on



  4. Bru McCoy, just another Mater Dei FB flop, but he belongs at Felony U.

    For instance, if/when Bruski refuses to come out of his bozo dorm room for practice or a game, mommy, daddy + daddies attorney are close by to the So. Central Ghetto to coax their prince from his barricaded room with cotton candy and a promise to take their Bru to Disneyland 3 times this year.

    I ask you rah-rah SUCCXsters, how/why exactly does Bruski’s FB field prowess trump his adolescent immaturity?

    Would Bruski have made a difference in the following Felony U losses?

    1) The Alabama massacre

    2) The Ohio St Bowl game

    3) The UCLA 34 – 27 loss……wait for it……Ding goes the Vic Bell!

    4) The 2018 Notre Dame home game. Hey, BJ had fun.

    I think not.

    Ultimately I believe Bruski, in a “white sport coat and a pink carnation” belongs at Felony U. He can lead the delirious celebration when the bozo ‘D” actually makes a tackle. He can also organize the SUCCX benchwarmers into another cheezy, rah-rah towel-twirling choir that is guaranteed to cement Felony U’s team as 100% Hollywood FB Clowns.



    1. Just Rent,

      First off Bru was playing at Mater Dei in the Fall of 2018 bozo.

      speaking of felony schools, how is L.A.C.C. doing in this area? With the cheating, killing, kidnapping, and raping going on at ugly, it should be just turned into a pentiary.

      We are you going to come off your kool aid high regarding ugly? We know they are the ultimate losers in life, school, and sports. If they don’t cheat, they don’t win.

      When I drive down Cerritos blvd., stand next to your two story cardboard box home be ready to catch fifty cents flying right at you. I don’t want to have to back up and do it again.

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      1. Yo PT pops off:

        “With the cheating, killing, kidnapping, and raping going on at ugly, it should be just turned into a pentiary (sic).”

        PT, WTF is “…a pentiary.”

        Just spitballing here PT, but do you mean penitentiary?

        You and Dear Pusley must attend the same ESL class?



    2. Says the guy who gloated months over stealing the famous five star linebacker from us… what was his name?? Oh yeah, “Where’s Mique”.



      1. Mique graduated from UCLA and moved on as Utah Grad xfer.

        Dear Pusley, you worthless, pathetic Cretin, thanks for caring.

        #Ding goes the Vic Bell!


  5. Just Rent,

    So Mique used Thug U aka ruinville like a $2 wh#re and got a cheap education in pizza delivery and saved himself of 4 years of embarrasement. Now he wants to play and become a 3 round pick and go as a Ute. You gotta love it Rent.


  6. Yo Dear Pusley, official SUCCX morphodite, screams and shout w/o effect.

    “Oh btw, he was medically retired you stupid slut. You lie even about the team you PRETEND to follow. Jackass wannabe ruin.”

    “Facts matter, you don’t.”


    A far as I know Pusley Dear, you fellatio twat, just because UCLA medically retired Mique, doesn’t mean Mique can’t grad xfer to Utah and receive medical clearance to participate in Utah’s FB program.

    Doh! Dummkopf!

    In case you missed it, Jaelan Phillips, medically retired at UCLA, xfered to Miami U and received medical clearance to participate in the Miami FB program.

    It’s true Pusley Dear, Facts do Matter, just not to you, besides, it’s so hard for you to overcome your obese mouth and minuscule brain

    DING goes the VIC BELL!



  7. BRU has thin skin. is he gonna be homesick IF he makes it on an NFL roster where the team may be out of state? grow some balls my dude.


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