USC Recruiting Tidbit

USC made the top five for three-star tailback Jojuan Collins of Narbonne. The fact it is even worth mentioning that USC made the top five for a tailback from Narbonne tells you something about USC’s recruiting right now.

13 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Tidbit

  1. The other four in his top five are Oklahoma, Auburn Georgia and Tennessee.

    Isn’t this the group of schools that SC should be competitive with?

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    1. Narbonne is quickly becoming a major pipeline for the program. Kudos to SW for not belittling the player because he is only a 3 star-rated player. All the school’s making the cut are known for producing high quality backs. SW, would you prefer that SC didn’t make the cut? Then perhaps you could further your slanted narrative on how the SEC is plundering Southern California.

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      1. Narbonne produces a lot of talent. They have a guy who offers money to top players to transfer in.


    1. Pudly, MG, pack your bags- desperate times call for desperate measures. We need to counter the Texas contingent, so we’re going on a recruiting trip to Bru’s house in Palo ‘s Verdes. As a beginner, I say we offer unlimited access to “the Pad” in Hawaii and will even let Bru take the bed when he is there. Whadda say, fellas? Any ideas? Are you in?

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  2. If Bru McCoy uses coaching staff’s as a measuring stick, then he’s staying at Texas without question, because Bozo Helton doesn’t know which way is up . But if McCoy wants to stay close to home, careless about winning, and not compete for a national championship, then he’ll go to USC


      1. Pretty sure she is by now, although she died years ago. Trouble is you lie even when the truth is so obvious. Mique was run out on a rail before spring football. He spent two seasons hiding from the coaches and team…luckily for him they didn’t check classrooms for football players or they would have run him off earlier.
        But yeah my mom knew.


  3. Since 2010 USC has wasted so much RB talent, I’m surprised a Three Star RB looking to commit would even consider playing for the Trojans and this current clown of a head coach who doesn’t know WTF he’s doing when it comes to football.


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