USC Afternoon Notes: Bru McCoy And Baseball Edition

Wide receiver Bru McCoy remains in Palos Verdes as Texas began summer workouts today. This is expected as McCoy prepares to transfer to USC. However, Texas coach Tom Herman is expected to either meet or talk to McCoy one more time before an official decision is made.

  • Meanwhile, if USC were a normal athletic dept., baseball coach Dan Hubbs would have been fired today. But USC is not normal. It operates in weird ways, sometimes around Lynn Swann‘s golf schedule.

So a coaching change might occur today or tomorrow. Or never. But it won’t occur in a manner similar to a well-run athletic dept. So the few, the proud baseball fans will wait and wonder if anyone cares in Heritage Hall that UCLA is the No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

UPDATED: Oregon baseball coach George Horton is out. See how it works? Baseball is over. Make a decision.

18 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Bru McCoy And Baseball Edition

  1. The new cultural leader of SC will become Bru McCoy, should he rejoin the team and school. Why? Because it was he who departed because the team culture was too soft. As a consequence, a new offensive coach was brought in and Helton was marginalized to take care of disciplinary issues. And Helton was told to instill more toughness in the team. So in part, SC has to thank McCoy, not Helton, for pushing for a culture change from the softness that prevailed when SC was on sanctions and had very thin depth. McCoy’s actions, not Helton, not JTD, not Swann, brought about this change.

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    1. Hard to fathom the future bozo cultural leader Bru McCoy still rely on Mommy & Daddy to run interference for him in Tixas.

      U of Tixas is a liberal Univ., (they rejected Bush Jr. from their law school) located in Weird Austin, that sports a major, well funded, FB program.

      What Felony U considers expensive or prohibitive is just petty cash to UofT. Maybe Uof T is just too large and intimidating for McCoy to fit in.

      So now McCoy sits in Mommy & Daddy’s home in the Palos Verdes ghetto. Is it possible Coach Herman failed to pet Bru enough or tuck Bru in at bedtime. UofT recruits FB players not momma’s boys.

      That’s Felony U’s specialty.

      Bru McCoy Felony U cultural leader: I think not!


      1. It’s not that Bru McCoy set out to be the leader of the pack, but that as an unintended consequence of his departing from SC due to perceived softness of the coaching, SC brought in another O-coach and Helton got the message to instill toughness. Consequences are not always intentional. But he was the one who took action, not Helton, not Swann, not JTD. It’s not that SC has no leaders on the team but none were in the situation McCoy was placed in. He is the one who took action. He probably doesn’t even look at himself as a leader or want to be a leader. But a leader is one who takes action. As for the slur that he is a “momma’s boy”, my understanding is that he defied his family’s desire that he play at SC.

        “Daring ideas are like chessman moving forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game” – Wolfgang Goethe


      2. Wayne, the only problem there is when you say Helton got the message to instill toughness after bringing in another O-coach. I’m not disputing how you lay out the events just how Helton plans on instilling toughness.

        If Helton really wanted to do that, he wouldn’t have hired an Air Raid/passing offense guy. Those offenses aren’t traditionally known to be smash mouth tough style of play football. You aren’t going to get a tough Stanford style team by slinging it around 60+ times a game.

        Because of that, I’m doubtful Helton is serious about instilling toughness in the program.

        Helton is simply a soft football coach who runs soft football practices. And he proved it even more with the style of offense he decided to go with when he brought Graham Harrell onboard.


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      3. Reply to marvienna

        I agree with you that Air Raid is not the direction to go if seeking BCS. But the high schools in Southern Cal are not producing lineman anymore (more like producing small, agile soccer players) due to political changes to local aerospace industry and shifting heavy industries overseas. When the Midwest had its industrial base hollowed out, USC had its linemen base hollowed out. Can a college football program adopt Air Raid and at same time install a top defense? Hasn’t happened yet and unlikely in the PAC-12 with “catch up” refereeing driven by TV ratings.

        To win you have to adapt to the times. That may mean also playing a running QB, or at least mobile QB, to equalize the refereeing. But you can’t win under any rules or schemes unless the players want to play to win. Same with the coaches. They have to learn how to win, not use past formulas or rely on top players wanting to play at SC.

        The PAC-12 is not going to have teams in BCS for the reasons stated above, as well as college football has been socialized by Title-9. Money must now be spread to women’s athletics. And USC (where I went to grad school) is now run by feminists who want to plunder its endowment with lawsuits and don’t want to produce hard, masculine sports or athletes (Bubba Bolden, etc.) or even an entrepreneurial business school. The BOD is just going along with the zeitgeist (spirit of the times) and wants women to run the university. I can only imagine this will mean a woman head football coach on the basis of equality, not competency. But they already have that “soft” coach now, don’t they?

        “It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things” – Machiavelli


      4. Just Rent,

        What does Thug U aka ruinville recruit? Don’t answer numb nuts, it will hurt you. I will tell you what they recruit, they recruit kids that quit if they can’t play jump over the wall. The mass exodus this spring was hilarious. There haven’t been that many people leaving since Moses led the exodus out of Egypt. U and ruinville have something in common, you both belong in two story cardboard boxes living in Cerritos.


    1. This is to rebute Wayne’s comment about olinemen from Southern CA:

      Saint John Bosco had a big tackle that went to Ohio St. Mater Dei had a big olinemen go to bama, Narbonne has kids committed to bama that are big. So, to say that Southern California are not producing big linemen is not totally correct. SC lost these kids due to a program that is down, that had a lousy oline coach in Calloway, and no continuity in the offense. SC has gotten big dlinemen from Southern CA as well. Thank you.


  2. Marvin Lewis just joined Herm Edward’s staff at ASU. If Helton bombs and SC whiff’s on both Meyer and Herrell, they should go after Lewis.

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  3. Arturo:

    My comment wasn’t meant to attack or harm young McCoy.

    Rather it was to point out immature, inexperienced, 18-year-old teenagers are rarely fit to be cultural team leaders – no more, no less.



    1. “My comment wasn’t meant to attack or harm young McCoy.”

      Sorry owns, here is what you wrote:

      “So now McCoy sits in Mommy & Daddy’s home in the Palos Verdes ghetto. Is it possible Coach Herman failed to pet Bru enough or tuck Bru in at bedtime. UofT recruits FB players not momma’s boys.”

      Yes, you did intend to attack and belittle McCoy. Just like so many of your other posts are of this nature. Take Porter Gustin’s injuries. You didn’t intend to celebrate his injuries, or attack him on several posts?


      1. 1) 67, If I had any reason to attack P Gustin’s injury problems I would attack the Felony U FB Program Medical Staff for allowing Gustin to decide, on his own, to return to game status prematurely. Physically, Gustin is 21 0r 22 in an 80 year-old-body.

        2) McCoy is a former 5-star FB recruit signee who spent exactly one week in at SUCCX and than decamped to U of Tixas. Extremely funny at the time.

        Now McCoy, after a couple of months in Austin, may leave UofT and return to Felony U if Wolf’s information is correct.

        Bru McCoy was the guy at Mater Dei, but just another ho-hum Ca recruit at Tixas. That situation can be a serious blow to the ego of an immature, inexperienced teenager used to being a pampered HS FB stud. Naturally, an immature 5-star teenager would have mommy and daddy + daddy’s attorney extricate their princeling from his UofTixas commitment.

        During Mique’s troubles at UCLA, I heard nothing but harsh criticism and cheesy rah-rah blog ridicule regarding Mique. But Mique never left UCLA before he received his degree.

        That Felony U would allow young McCoy to return to its FB program indicates just how low SUCCX FB Program has sunk. If McCoy does return, every SUCCX recruit will know they can ditch Felony U for greener pastures and return if those pastures are full of cow chite.



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