USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Drags Feet And People Applaud

USC should have fired Dan Hubbs two-or-three years ago. It did not because it was too cheap to pay off one dollar of his contract before it expired June 30.

With that in mind, it was surprising to see some of the reaction Wednesday to Hubbs’ departure.

Here is the Los Angeles Times: “(Lynn) Swann’s decision is a clear sign that USC intends to restore the tradition of college baseball’s winningest program.”

And if you scan the Internet, some USC fanboys and out-of-touch pundits are promising USC will hire a big-time coach.

How is USC letting Hubbs’ contract expire after seven years a sign of anything other than Swann being way-too-slow to make a change? Is the bar for Swann so low that when he does even the most basic job functions, it is viewed as a massive signal of intent?

Where is there any proof USC will pursue a star coach?

In 2013, Pat Haden offered UCLA coach John Savage between $750,000-900,000 to return to USC.

But remember this:

  • When USC hired Mick Haley as its women’s volleyball coach, he was the coach of the 2000 Olympic team. When it fired Haley in 2018, it replaced him with the University of Portland coach.
  • When USC hired a new women’s tennis coach, it was from Division III Williams College in Massachusetts.

I hope baseball is different. I initially said USC should call former Oregon State coach Pat Casey, who won three NCAA titles and made six trips to the College World Series.

The early names to surface are from the Big West Conference (UC Santa Barbara coach Andrew Checketts) or assistant coaches (TCU hitting coach Bill Mosiello). You can make a good hire from these ranks.

But don’t talk about Swann’s intent or “going big.” He isn’t even running the search and will just rubber stamp whoever his subortinates recommend. And I’m already hearing Oregon is likely to offer more money to Checketts than USC.

Going big? Hmmm.

30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Drags Feet And People Applaud

  1. As long as Lynn Swann keeps clear of the hiring process, then USC will end up with productive baseball coach. I’m still laughing at Swann’s selection of the Women’s basketball coach, Mark Trakh, because he proved himself to be a dumb ass on that one, followed by the Bozo Helton $20 million dollar extension . When will the nightmare end with the administration firing that, unqualified, CLOWN 🤡 ???

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      1. He’s pretty positive everything he says is negative. I’m still waiting for him to show me the team that runs “22” personnel.

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      2. Pudly —I understand there’s a Dallas News article relating how Bru McCoy communicated to Tom Herman that he was available to meet with him (to give Herman a chance to “win him” back). If true, McCoy is not the guy we need right now….

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      3. Micheal, the McCoy’s story will come out over time. It was also “reported” that texass was surprised by his leaving, although he didn’t sign the waiver placed in front of him a month ago. Another site reported that Bru wasn’t returning phone calls to the coaches for the last three weeks either. All the news coming out right now has texass spin because he’s their player, so they can discuss him, SC CANNOT.

        Finally the texass players have taken to saying goodbye as only texass players can:

        Looks like they’ve been informed …

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      4. What would Fred comment positively on? The football, basketball and baseball teams sub .500 seasons this year, the disappointing football recruiting, Haden’s Folly aka the Coliseum remodel or the assorted Admissions, Medical School and Administrative scandals?

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      5. Good Point, GT22, but this isn’t some recent phenomenon- not even Rose Bowl win, a PAC 12 Championship, nothing has ever been able to lift the cloud around Fred. The doom and gloom gets old.

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      1. I’ve been pretty critical of SW and Clay Helton. SC is not my alma mater, so I don’t think it is my place to criticize the school from that perspective. I don’t know what Lynn Swan’s reasons are for doing what he does and will try not to speak on this until I’ve heard his point of view. I don’t see how calling everyone a clown is beneficial. I am for the team and the individuals that make up the team being successful.



  2. According to Pudly76 who posted on a USC message board yesterday, Lynn Swann is in the process of conducting a national search for the next coach of the Trojans baseball team.

    LOL! Only Pudwacker would believe something so stupid and then be stupid enough to run with it and post it on a message board.

    Swann will probably end up trying to hire CIF-SS Division 1 Championship runner-up La Mirada’s head baseball coach.

    As if any local high school coach (from any sport) witnessing the clusterfuck that USC has become with all it’s incompetent coaching hires USC has made over the last 9 years, would want to associate themselves with any of those clowns working in the Trojans athletic dept. and the mess they’ve made

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    1. This reply will become a collector’s piece when we win this season’s Pac 12 Championship and go on to win the Rose Bowl…..


    2. I challenge you to post a link to any thread that I posted that.. the ONLY thing I posted (and I posted it here too, removed by the moderator) was a link to the USC tweet that announced the firing. Period.

      Oh, I did say I’d like to bring Fred Lynn back into the fold for usc baseball. But I NEVER mentioned Swann.

      So there it is, either I’m a liar, or you are.

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      1. You’re the liar pudly, that’s why you’re throwing a tantrum. You got caught and exposed…deal with it.


      2. Still waiting…but I won’t be holding my breath as you can’t post the link…it doesn’t exist.

        Trollboy liar.



    3. All you have to do is show it or let us know the sight. Of course you won’t because it doesn’t exist.

      Trollboy liar… you stupid.



  3. Pudwacker deleted his post on the USC message board after having been blasted for being the idiot he is by about 90% of the people posting on the site.

    And Pudwacker hasn’t shown his face on that site since.



    1. Trollboy can’t get it up so he’s got to strap it on. What a little wienie you are.
      What site was it ?? You just full of sh!t.

      Trollboy liar



      1. You absolutely can when you edit your own post, deleting content and replace it with new material.

        Seeing how you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about…just keep quiet and shut the fuck up.

        How about doing that, okay


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