USC Night Notes

If Bru McCoy was not enough of a drama queen, there’s been speculation Chris Steele might be wavering with his commitment to Oregon.

Steele is visiting Oregon this weekend, however, and currently scheduled to enroll June 18. At this point, I don’t feel comfortable saying any recruit is safe for a school unless they are suited up on game day.

  • UC Santa Barbara baseball was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament today, which means USC and Oregon can officially pursue Coach Andrew Checketts.
  • On S‌ept. 20, Carol Folt will formally be installed as USC’s 12th president with a ceremony at Alumni Park on the University Park campus.

20 thoughts on “USC Night Notes

  1. Max Nikias is paying McCoy and Steele to come to USC to help try and save Helton’s job, just get the Errand Boys won/loss record above .500.

    Lynn Swann was asked to contribute to the Help Save The Errand Boys Job Fund, but he said he didn’t give two shits one way or the other about Errand Boy, Trojan Football or USC…all he cares about is if his check for doing nothing as A.D. at USC is in the mail.


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      1. Dear Pusley, you seagull turd, Bru McCoy takes another hike – LFOL!


        If SUCCX was a restaurant it would be closed due to severe rodent infestation.

        Wait for it Pusley Dear:

        Ding goes the Vic Bell.



    1. Something tells me that McCoy is not done QUITE yet, Pudly. He’ll probably wanna change his mind at least one more time when he wakes up Sunday. One thing is for sure, though — he will become a strong force for team loyalty & stability wherever he lands……

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    2. Stop passing false information about my beloved Trojans, you Ass Wipe, unless of course you want me to come over a give it to your wife the way she wants it . 💋 💋


  3. LOL @Pudly Pudwacker and all the rest of the idiots kissing Bru “Mama’s Boy” McCoy’s ass, as he clowned USC again.



    1. Bru didn’t clown us, Tebow —- You can only get clowned when you are being proprietary. Coach Helton isn’t proprietary. I’ve seen his statement on this matter and it reads thusly: “I am so happy for Bru. I know he will give Florida a big boost. I only hope that we get to play Florida in a Bowl game and Bru beats us by catching a 55 yard bomb with 3 seconds left. He deserves it……”

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    2. I thought Dear Pusley, the Official SUCCX orifice, was going to offer McCoy a special Pusley BJ.

      On the street, it’s referred to as a smoothie, ’cause for a $1.50 extra, Pusley will remove his false teeth.


  4. Very well played Pudmeister!

    I can see Scotty Potty further losing his pitiful mind angsting over how the eff you scooped him yet again.

    And of course watching the usual idiots in the room swallowing it whole.


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  5. All these clowns got played by Bru “Mama’s Boy” McCoy. Idiots like Pudwacker were already trying to tally up how many TD’s and receiving yards the little homesick mama’s boy was going to rack up. LOL!



  6. And back to the baseball coach. If it comes to a choice between Oregon and USC, Oregon will probably win.
    Here’s why; USC doesn’t value coaches in sports like baseball and basketball. They will most like offer a janitor type salary with free taquitos after the game like the little league coaches get.

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