Tony Bland Gets Probation

Former USC assistant Tony Bland received two years probation and 100 hours community service today. Bland plead guilty to bribery conspiracy in the college basketball corruption scandal.

This is a bit anti-climatic considering all the publicity generated by this scandal. Also, Bland basically ruined his coaching career for a crime worthy of probation.


24 thoughts on “Tony Bland Gets Probation

    1. Pudly –Exactly. Bland’s situation would be so much brighter if he could have somehow convinced the prosecutors to give him life in prison….

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      1. If only EVERY defense attorney in a rape or murder case could incorporate that line into their Closing Argument…..

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      2. Ah yes, as usual, bozo felons are being picked on ’cause they’re SC clownster’s. All bozo felony beefs s/b reduced to misdemeanors ’cause they meant well; and, the scam was ok with Nicky Squid for a 25% donation to Nicky Squid’s Endowment retirement fund.

        In your professional opinion, Mr. Guarino, is it fair to say T. Blanton ratted out his colleagues, to the max, in order to receive the wrist slap probation/100 hours of community service sentence for his guilty plea, felony conviction?



      3. My dear friend Owns —I’m hoping the leniency shown to Bland is a result of his cooperation in the continuing UCLA probe….


    2. Bland’s career has been resurrected! Swann offered him his job back! He starts today! With a substantial pay boost!

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      1. Pudly —Have you noticed that the last reply from karma came on the article with the photo of Sears with his shirt off …?


    3. Pudly76,

      Are you Hungarian? I was ready below and you had mentioned, “The old Hungarian sayin comes to mind”. My grandparents were from Zeged and Lake Balotin, with both locations in Hungary. They met in St. Louis and my dad and my aunt were born in St. Louis. I am a second generation American. How awesome if you are. But you are still awesome not matter what.

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      1. I was born in Szombethly, my dad’s parents were from Scoce and my mom’s parents lived on the Austrian border.


      1. Yeah, Tony Bland told Pudly 76, and myself, that’s exactly how it happened, because we have the inside stuff. And Ole Pudly was actually at that bachelor party, so he knows, just ask him . 😂😂


      2. Hey spaghetti dick!! My wife’s been waiting for little wienie. If you’d learned to read more than two syllables you might’ve even seen it in the paper.
        You’re such a macho guy. Really Really macho.



  1. This and not even one Bland joke. I mean literally means uninteresting, dull, boring, tedious… sorta like this whole line of thought.
    But c’mon “How would you describe the basketball team?” I don’t know kinda bland.
    What do Scott and Tony have in common? Bland personality.
    Okay take over guys I’m at work.

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    1. Steve —Could you give me the name and office phone number of your employer? I’m not going to rat you out or anything —I’m just collecting the names and phone numbers of all my friends’ bosses today……

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      1. Pudly — I couldn’t believe Haden’s comment to the Times: “They’ll never take me alive!” Not the right approach, Pat! That’s what the prosecutors want. As I told my son when he wanted to drop outta grammar school, “Come on! Don’t hand them anything on a platter. Make the school work for it!”


  2. surprised he even was sentenced tp probation…
    he basically did nothing but act as a career counselor and recommend.steer/ towards a possible agent for their possible enhancement in negotiations for when they hope turn pro…

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  3. Have to wonder how much time does Swann have? Regardless of how this shakes out (alleged meet at Augusta with the father, Mossimo Giannulli, of the two daughters) it ain’t gonna’ be much longer.

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  4. Mr. Guarino:

    “My dear friend Owns —I’m hoping the leniency shown to Bland is a result of his cooperation in the continuing UCLA probe….”

    Maybe MG, but only after the Feds finish investigating the St. Pat Crew.


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