A Tale Of Two Pictures Cont.

Like clockwork, the two pictures from last night’s NCAA track and field championships reveal how USC coach Caryl Smith-Gilbert must be the center of attention of every team photo. Can you even spot the Arkansas coach? He let his athletes hold the championship trophy. Naturally, Smith-Gilbert holds the award. Just like she awards most of the scholarships to the area she coaches (sprints).

Photos below:

6 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Pictures Cont.

    1. I’M CERTAIN THAT THERE IS NO WAY THAT THEY TOOK MORE THAN ONE PHOTO……..Because photographers only want to use one photo per every photo opportunity.
      There’s no chance of another photo with the team having the trophy being held by someone else. 🤔🤔🤔🤔This is a brain teaser now.

      Mr. Wolf FAILED to mention that Andy Enfield scheduled a “Meaningful” or “Tough” game/opponent.

      USC Basketball plays Defending SEC Champs the LSU Tigers @Staples Center.
      They are ranked anywhere from #18-#23 in the early top25’s.

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      1. Sammy, isn’t Andyain’twinning bozo career record vs top 25 BB teams 4 – 22?

        And Sammy, why is the LSU game @ Staples Ctr. instead of Galen Barn?

        Last year vs for Oklahoma game @ Staples Ctr. there must have a crowd of 1500 in attendance.


  1. Me thinks Scotty Potty has never been awarded a trophy. No trophy for “alumni that most hates their alma mater” ?

    Word on the street is that he did win a plaque as a child for “kid with the most disappointed parents”.
    Here they are tryna be happy in the early days 👪


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