Is NCAA Coming After USC Basketball?

At least six schools will receive Notices of Allegations for Level I violations from the NCAA this summer, an NCAA official told Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

“There’s even another group of cases that we’re still working on,” said Stan Wilcox, NCAA vice president for regulatory affairs. “The main thing is that we’re up and ready. We’re moving forward and you’ll see consequences.”

This suggest USC will be dealing with NCAA issues.

Level I violations are the most serious. Where USC fits into the punishment spectrum would be interesting because Lynn Swann and Andy Enfield have both said Tony Bland’s wrongdoing was a “one-off” violation that no one else knew about.

“Was it institutional neglect? We found that not to be the case,” Swann said.

17 thoughts on “Is NCAA Coming After USC Basketball?

  1. Exciting news day all around for Flow! Not one single positive thing to report about. Flow, don’t stand up anytime soon, if y’know what I mean…Also, make sure to kick Helton while he’s down. Listen, he may be a buffoon, but don’t act like Raptors fans and cheer on an injury. Ya putz.

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    1. MG,

      That means, “Ready to take it in the shorts”. Swann will do the same thing as Haden, cower to the ncaa, play golf, collect his paycheck, not hire a baseball coach or water polo coach, and not call the Commish for help. Swann, “What a Maroon”. Quote from Bugs Bunny

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      1. pt —I really don’t think Swann can get away with ‘The Haden Plan’ (i.e., asking NCAA to reconsider, being told to stick it up his ass, going to NCAA Appeals Board, being told to stick it up his ass).

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      1. Owns only you can tell us if we’re screwed……..

        You know the blueprint already since Johnny and Sam were doing worse for YEARS.

        Are in sitting ducks?


      1. Both Swann and Andyain’twinning emphatically claim they didn’t know squat about TB felonious activities while employed by the bozo BB program.

        So in what universe is the Swann and Enfield “…didn’t know squat” excuse not a clear indication of a Lack of Admin. Control!?


      2. Owns —“In what universe is the excuse that you didn’t know squat not an indication of lack of administrative control?”

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      1. Sad but true, gt. “Up & ready” should be read as “Up & ready …to screw USC ……

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  2. MG,

    SC has not done a thing to protect anything. The only one that did was Garrett when he sold out the basketball team to save the football team. Floyd had a bunch of talent coming in. Garrett did tell the ncaa to pound sand. Swann will be with the Commish drinking wine while SC falls, AGAIN.

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  3. Wow!!! The USC administration should sign Lynn Swann to a 10 year extension, because he’s proven to be a great asset to the University, and runs a tight ship

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  4. USC is already preparing to roll over and take it right up the ass by the NCAA…as usual during the Max Nikias era.

    USC had the NCAA right where they wanted them when a Federal Judge verified that the NCAA went after USC with malicious intent and there was a mountain of evidence to prove it, but USC for whatever stupid reason never fought to clear it’s name. Pat Haden sat idly by doing nothing as USC was dragged through the mud because officials from the SEC and Miami couldn’t handle seeing the Trojans have so much success on the gridiron and wanted to take the Trojan football program down.

    Max Nikias and Pat Haden let the NCAA make USC their bitch, slapping USC around any time they feel like it, knowing USC will put up with whatever punishment the NCAA wants to hand out without a hint of protest.

    USC should have exposed that corrupt NCAA, suing their ass into extinction!

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