Norm Chow Returns To Coaching

Norm Chow has been named the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles XFL franchise. He will work under head coach Winston Moss.

32 thoughts on “Norm Chow Returns To Coaching

  1. That was my personal friend, Pete Carroll’s downfall when Norm Chow left, because he replaced him with two fuck boys, then my Trojans were never the same. And the two fuck boys parlayed their coordinations position into head coaching jobs, which they no longer have today, because they are both two, Dumb Asses

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    1. Your fuckboys, as you like to call them have a job, and good ones at that. One btw has a head coaching job, which you’d realize about 30 seconds after you pulled your head out your ass. F’n loser troll. Jealousy is a bitch huh?

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      1. Pudly –What do you think the chances are for players experimenting with The Portal [and, then, returning to USC] to play in 2019…?

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      2. Not at all, my friend. I was really wondering if you thought there were any chance [north of zero] that Steele or McCoy would play this season.

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      3. Steele shouldn’t have any problems with his waiver (at any other school anyway) but Bru will be interesting to see if the McCoys get their personal attorney involved. A case could be made that since he never filed for a waiver, his intitial LOI should still be in effect. Much like if he went to a JC to boost his grades. At the end of the day, we’ll get Chris but not ..imho

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      4. You sound like you want me to come fuck your wife again, Pudly 76, only this time, I’m going to make your bitch ass watch. Btw, how did she enjoy my meatballs? 💋💋💋


      1. Dear Pusley, you acute sepsis infection, what’s your nasty, paltry point?

        Suppose Pusley Dear, if some/or all the whiny, pathetic, SUCCX rah-rah, sunshine pumping clownsters on Wolf’s blog had the beloved Helton’s cell #.

        BTW Pisley, don’t forget: UCLA 34 – Felony U 27

        Ding goes the Vic Bell.



      2. First 18 into the portal now this…hahahahaha.
        Top 60 recruiting class and a 3 win season. keep spinnin wannabe. The infection has set itself, can amputation be far off…


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      3. Pudly —-There are all kinds of “death penalties” that can be imposed on teams — & UCLA doesn’t have to wait on the NACC to get theirs…..

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      4. Ah little fella…and I do mean little, your imagination is quite colorful albeit a bit monotone. Talking crap 💩 must have its benefits, or why else would you put up with the flavor…



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      5. Pudly — I can’t be 100% certain …but I think Fan Boy is doing his best to prove this site has no moderators……
        The “like” button isn’t working when it comes to you…….

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      6. “Nobody likes him but everybody is scared to stand up. He lies and has no player relationship. Only about 10 people on the team have his phone number. Abuse of power. A lot more…”#UCLA #Pac12 #cfb

        All of this for the bargain price of 4 years, $24 million! And a 4 point underdog to Cincinnati!


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  2. You can say a lot about Norm Chow, he was a master psychology coach and pretty good at making things work. The team had a defensive head coach and an offensive genius. It was fun to watch when it worked. The water-boys they got to replace Chow were pretty good at holding up cards and clipboards but not too good as the head of anything. Many on this site have branded Pete as “Pete the cheat,” but I don’t think he was much more than Pete the disinterested.
    As for the XFL franchise… what is the betting line for the demise of the current iteration of an independent pro football league? It’s like trying to start a new car company in Detroit, the big 3 will squash you like a USC quarterback behind last year’s line.

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    1. One thing sticks out a GD concert: the terrible Deadhead crowds smelly, unwashed body odor. I’m sure that smelly shoe fits you, Dear Pusley and Linkster snugly.


      1. Speaking of smelly and unwashed…does your momma still use those freshly worn boxer briefs as a sleeping hood?? She always did like the flavor of man.


      2. Your big time chokes of a baseball team sitting in the dump called
        Westwood figuring out what happened to a bunch of over-rated
        ballers. They are an ungrateful dead . Got rid of a high rise condo on
        Wilshire Blvd. not far from the campus to be able to breathe w/o the
        body odor of the Persians stink.

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      1. Don’t get so upset ruin wannabe, you barely make sense when you’re not upset…chocolate chip must really be bothering ya??



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