USC Receiver Rankings

Do you think USC has the No. 1 receiving corps in the nation?

They are ranked No. 4 by Lindy’s and No. 8 by Athlon’s.

Maybe they would be No. 1 with Velus Jones and Bru McCoy but McCoy might have to redshirt.

USC coach Clay Helton is No. 1 in both magazines, however, on the coaches’ hot seat.

24 thoughts on “USC Receiver Rankings

  1. Wow. This is incredibly great reporting. Excellent work chitferbrains.

    It’s no wonder you’re stuck in a blog bog.

    Have you applied to yahoo sports? You’d be a perfect fit. You’re welcome.

    Recently bought a book at a dollar bookstore. A compilation of Jim Murray’s greatest pieces. Mr. Murray was a truly great sports columnist.

    I’d be happy to send it to you when I’m done reading it.

    Okay I lied. I’m keeping it.

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      1. Good question. Why do you? I’ve stated it before, as have others. Flow’s ridiculous blog of “inside information” is pure comedy and most of the people who comment here have better insight and information anyway. Does that answer your question? Flow on.

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      2. Brainless pom pom shaking rah rahs love to come here and blame Scott Wolf for the multitude of scandals that have damaged USC’s’ international reputation and blame him for the carnage left by the lazy, stupid, visionless, corrupt and incompetent educrats who are destroying the football program and are changing USC into The Stanford of the West.

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      3. It’s not that these Helton Humper Sunshine Pumpers hate Scott Wolf…they just love Clay Helton so much, they hate reading the truth about how incompetent Helton is.

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  2. If you read one of my posts a few days ago it stated why I hang in despite wolf, you, Tebow, others of the same moronic ilk.

    There is a fine small group of posters in here that I find interesting and entertaining. You wouldn’t, understand. That’s okay.

    Carry on as you see fit. So shall I.

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  3. The only publication that counts —Phil Steele’s College Football —rated USC very high in its Quarterback and Receivers Categories. And —for all the doubters —Steele rated J. T. Daniels as the 2nd best QB in the QB heavy Pac 12 (right behind Heisman favorite, Justin Herbert). As a matter of fact J. T. is listed as one of the top prospects for the Heisman himself.
    The Bad News from Steele is that Utah, Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington and Stanford are all rated ahead of us.
    The Fun News is that UCLA isn’t found in the rankings —-which only include the TOP SIXTY teams in the country…..

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      1. 67 –What a fun way for Owns to get to sleep from now until the start of the season —-memorize all the teams in front of UCLA and recite their names…. Florida Atlantic, Appalachian State, Toledo, Troy, Marshall, UAB, FIU, North Texas……….

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    1. Difference twixt a Bruin and a bozo:

      Bruins do their talking on the field without excuses.

      bozos do their FB boasting on Felony U blogs and resort to BS excuses to cover their pie-in-the-sky FB teams flop and burn season.

      Wait for it MG…….DING goes the Vic Bell

      #Ownsprognostication:2019 Clownstersgo4-8; bruwantstoxfertoUCLA


      1. They did a lot of crying on the baseball field losing to Michigan which
        is a football school 1st. Savage made plenty of excuses by saying what
        a wonderful season they had going nowhere. A ‘Ruin is a dumb shit
        who can only count to 8 for his stupid clap.


      1. Hate to say it, gt —but same thought occurred to me. And I doubly hate to say it but Owns hashtag about Bru trying to transfer to UCLA was funny.

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  4. Comments being deleted again…Classic. You shit on everyone and everything, that means you’re open to be shit on as well. This is the internet and you put your shit out for everyone to see. Flow you puss’!

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  5. Wolferino has some liability. When troll comments approach the Mason-Dixon line….they just can’t go beyond into ‘hate’ speech territory.
    However I don’t see a reason not to hate the MULE. Seems like he likes it.

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    1. Very clever, Cal75 —-designing an all purpose defense to lawsuits for injury and damages initiated by Owns based on the theory that he “seems to like it.”

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  6. Clay Helton is a crap coach. USC has handed that clown Helton Top 10 ranked recruiting classes to work with since the idiot has been at USC and he has just continued to waste talent.

    9 years that clown Helton has been coaching at USC and he hasn’t done any of the players any damn good…zero player development to speak of.

    If it weren’t for Sam Darnold, Clay Helton would have a losing record every year that he’s been the head coach. Doesn’t matter how many talented players USC recruits, Helton is a second rate coach, in over his head…he has no clue what he’s doing.

    Look at how many years Helton had the other clueless idiot Neil Callaway coaching the offensive line, knowing full well that Callaway had no clue what he was doing either. Or maybe Helton didn’t recognize how clueless Callaway was and thought he was doing a good job, who knows with that idiot.

    So yeah, Clay Helton is a crap coach and it doesn’t matter how many quality players USC recruits, Helton is just going to continue to waste their talent being the clueless idiot he is.


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