Afternoon Notes: USC Flooding Social Media

The way USC is flooding the internet with videos of its workouts, it really seems like they are sensitive to past criticisms about the strength and conditioning programs. It’s trying a little too hard when photos are supposed to highlight the coach.

Just like the past videos making Clay Helton out to be a tough guy, it’s better when everyone just does their jobs instead of self-promotes.

  • USC’s Rising Stars camp on Saturday will also include coaches from Kansas State, Oregon State, San Diego State, Fresno State, Utah State, Wyoming, Hawaii, New Mexico State, Colorado State, UNLV and Nevada.
  • Offensive tackle Roger Rosengarten of Highlands Ranch, Colo., committed today to Washington. He was a one-time USC target.

9 thoughts on “Afternoon Notes: USC Flooding Social Media

  1. You gotta love Scottie for providing multiple posts each day, but if the big complaint is flooding the internet with videos of workouts, then this must be one of the slowest news days…


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    1. Smart comment, 67. Scott is sorta like one of those traveling troubadours of the middle ages who entertained his audience with multiple songs & stories each day —- not all the tales needed to be true.

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      1. MG, “not all the tales needed to be true,” indubitably fits the SUCCX athletic dept. profile/mantra – if youse ain’t cheatin’ youse ain’t winnin.’


  2. Wins and loss speak louder then any self promotion nonsense, that’s usually reserved for insecure coaches, who are on the hot seat. That’s why Bozo Helton is doing everything he can to save his job, except for developing lineman, who could actually lead the Trojans to a national championship. But the clown just doesn’t have a clue, and thinks an air attack will makeup for the teams deficiencies on the line of scrimmage .


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