USC Officially Hires Jason Gill

USC finally announced the hiring of Loyola Marymount baseball coach Jason Gill after a two-week search that looked at UC Santa Barbara coach Andrew Checketts, Grand Canyon coach Andy Stankiewicz, St. Mary’s coach Eric Valenzuela and San Diego coach Rich Hill.

Here’s Lynn Swann on the hire: “We are very excited to welcome Jason Gill to the Trojan family as the head coach of USC baseball,” said Swann. “Our desire was to get someone who can elevate USC baseball back into the postseason and help the team once again compete for a College World Series title.

“College baseball has some unique challenges with the roster size and the number of scholarships, and with recruits being drafted out of high school. We wanted someone familiar with those challenges. We also wanted someone with a history of putting together a staff that can consistently prepare players to not only succeed in the college game, but at the next level as well. All of those things led us to Coach Gill and to inviting him to lead our program forward.”

And here is Gill: “I would like to thank Lynn Swann and the USC administration for their belief in me as the next head baseball coach at USC. I am looking forward to building on the traditions established by the great players and coaches from the most storied college baseball program in the country. USC’s commitment to winning championships while providing a top tier education is unmatched. I am extremely excited and can’t wait to get started.”
Gill spent 11 seasons at Loyola Marymount, where he was 322-286-1 (.530). Perhaps one thing that caught USC’s eye was that Gill brought in a pair of Top 25 recruiting classes while at LMU. Of course, I doubt the USC search members even knew that. They were probably just told it by former USC player Damon Oppenheimer, who gave USC a list of names.

21 thoughts on “USC Officially Hires Jason Gill

  1. First of all I hate the hire.
    Anybody that agrees to interview at USC is a person pleading for intense hatred.
    The fact that he agreed to then be employed at USC is tantamount to being human hate seeking missile.
    Now I’ve got to go to Costco and purchase yet another pallet of warm steaming hate.
    I hate that.

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      1. Poor little farm boy…the goats turning you away again on a Friday night?? You worthless pos, you somehow think you bother me.



      2. Hey Puds 76, your wife winked at me when some of my Jizzz splashed her in the eye, was it because she likes me, or she couldn’t see ? 🤔


  2. “Our desire was to get somebody who can take us to the College World Series TITLE”……..

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    1. ummm…he beat them one time, and the Bruins then beat them two in a row to ADVANCE to Supers.

      regardless, i feel this is a good hire for the hapless trOXans.



      1. No offense to all my conservative- righr wing friends, but this place could use a little liberalism. Good to hear from you, CB


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      2. Arturo — Oh, you want liberal? Just Google Michael Guarino Deputy City Attorney. I tried hard to get some equal justice going while I was in L. A. My problem today —-every single liberal politician makes me puke —except for Tulsi Gabbard. Check her out —she’s for real.


      1. Too early to tell, but this guy, regardless of ranking, looks as good or better than Thibodueax who went to Oregon and was the #1 recruit in the nation according to some publications.

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  3. Coach Gill if any good would have left Loyola before 11 years for
    greener pastures. Can’t do worse than Hubbs or maybe will. Tell
    me if the Trojan Baseball Alumni is jumping for joy over this hire?
    Next step is to clean house and bring in his assistants hopefully
    not from Loyola. Need a major hitting coach from the South or
    Southwest for sure.

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