Morning Buzz: USC Adds A Two-Star

USC received a commitment Friday night from defensive end Kyle Juergens of St. Margaret’s in San Juan Capistrano.

Juergens is currently a two-star offensive guard per Rivals but played both sides of the line at USC’s Elite Camp this week. He currently weighs just 245 pounds but is expected to get bigger.

Frankly, some of the schools on St. Margaret’s schedule last season were underwhelming (Excelsior Charter, Southlands Christian, Webb, Saddleback Valley Christian) although the Tartans played CIF State champs Grace Brethren tough, losing 13-12.

Juergens also had offers from Arizona State, BYU, Nevada, San Diego State, UNLV and San Jose State. But getting a two-star from South Orange County to commit to USC sounds like a lay up.

I’m going to include a picture below of the Rivals ranking for Juergens since someone will claim he is not currently a two-star prospect.

15 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Adds A Two-Star

  1. The author (Comic Book Guy) is insufferable. He plays both sides of the argument on the utility of star rankings based on the point he wants to prove in the article — and all articles must point to “something rotten in the state of SC football.” And he doesn’t give a rip if doing so drags a 17/18 year old kid in the process.

    Kid seems like he has a big frame and other schools see the potential too. We need as many lineman prospects as we can gather and he seems like a worthwhile bet. If Kyle is reading this (and I hope to all things holy that he isn’t or that he understands the post author lives in his mom’s basement), then I know I speak for most right-minded SC fans when I say welcome to the Trojan family.

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    1. It’s a perfect pickup for southern Cal. As Petros would say, he’s got that crazy white linebacker eyes. This kid will turn out to be another Porter Gustin!

      #steroidsON #sanctionsarecoming


  2. What a coupe for Clueless Clay Helton, he actually out recruited UNLV, San Diego, and San Jose States for Kyle Juergens services ?!!! Lynn Swann should add another year to Bozo Helton’s contract, for maintaining the mediocrity foundation that he’s laid for the USC football program.

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  3. Why tag this player with 2 stars? He is a big bodied, late-developing athlete. I watched his film. He’s good. He’s quick. And even better he wants to go to school at SC. This is the kind of athlete SC needs to develop if it is going to turnaround its program.

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    1. Hi, my question is, has he played up to his potential in terms of athletics or is there room for him to grow? If there is room, then good for the pick


  4. Just the other day, SW was bashing USC for not offering Kawhi Leonard even though Kawhi wasn’t necessarily on everyone’s radar in high school. In basketball, players make more of an impact and therefore coaches have to be even more sold on a player. In football, you can take some projects every class- especially if they want to be Trojans.If Juergens were to go somewhere else and develop, you-know-who will be all over it. Kid is 6’6″, is athletic, and possibly a late bloomer. A good risk.
    Same ol’- worn-out song, SW.


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