O.J. Simpson Joins Twitter

O.J. Simpson has a twitter account. He follows only four accounts but one is the official USC football twitter account.

Watch his video below where he says, “I got a little getting even to do.”

What does that mean?



22 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson Joins Twitter

      1. Actually, steve, given the look on O. J.’s face, I’m not sure I’d like to be Marcus Allen right about now……

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    1. Good for O. J., gt! He’s been the object of so much fake news & unfair speculation…….

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      1. Well according to people whose opinions are paid for, unlike yourself, there’s this:
        “He can play DE or OT and fits the mold of the lighter and more athletic offensive lineman that fit the HS profile of recent NFL Drafts,” said West Coast Recruiting analyst Greg Biggins. “Juergens is light at 245 pounds but has the frame to easily pack on weight and his 4.66 shuttle time is excellent and translates very well to the next level.”
        So the nfl it seems chooses linemen based on these criteria although as we all know, you’re way more of a fart smella than a smart fella.


      2. Pudly — Fan Boy is gonna be in SO much trouble if he forces Scott into hiring a 24/7 site monitor……

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    1. Hey Pudly 76, this is already old news , you dumb ass, tell us something we don’t already know. And btw, how did my Jizz taste after you kissed our wife this morning? 💋💋


      1. You are quite the stud. A real man’s man..probably right off a real manly ship. Amazing what you’re little pornographic mind comes up with.


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  1. Clay Helton has offered Pudly’s sister Eugenia a scholarship as well.

    Eugenia Pudwacker is a 6′ 6″ 335 lbs. OT from St. Catherine’s Little Sister of the Poor Baptist High School in Escondido, Ca.

    Eugenia holds the Division 9 CIF-SS record for de-cleaters in a game with (7) and for the season (65).

    Rival’s list her as a 4 star and said if she were a male she would have offers from Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, UCF, Michigan, Ohio St., Wisconsin, Penn St.

    Eugenia could be a hermaphrodite like Pudly76, she’s obviously more of a man than Pudly will ever be. Eugenia isn’t wasting her time playing with dolls, accessorizing and taking it up the kazoo like Pudly did in high school…she’s a baller.


    1. Funny trollboy…when there’s good news for the Trojans your little fangs come out. Wow and they’re about as intimidating as an incensed chihuahua. You really hurt my feelings you low life troll, I’m just hoping I’ll be able to eat again.



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      1. Pudly —I maybe wouldn’t have given tebow the “eat” line…..

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      2. Hahahahaha..you’re probably right. Funny how scottie will remove posts for criticizing him or the site…or posting before he can/does news or announcements but the pornographic and homophobic attacks he allows. I get the feeling scottie is trying to get me to leave. Oh well, sticks and stones…
        One thing that makes me feel good though is that so many of these trolls spend so much energy on me. What a waste of time…


      3. I love the way Pudly 76 responds to every insult tossed at his stupid ass. He needs to spend more time with wifey, so she’ll stop blowing up my phone 🙄


      4. You betcha! My wife has told me to remind you to thank your momma too, that advice she gave you about the “strap on making the man” was quite apropos in you instance, little fella..



      5. Pudly –No! Scott loves you! You generate 100% of Fan Boy’s posts and 99% of tebow’s …..

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  2. I’m worried this is a thinly veiled threat directed at the wolfman.

    Memo to Cadre: we need a defensive perimeter established around the wolfman immediately.



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