Afternoon Notes: United Is Out Now Get Rid Of Coli

USC is selling T-shirts at the bookstore that say “The Coli” on the front.

This became a moniker for the Coliseum during the Pete Carroll era and has now gone mainstream, unfortunately.

Since it is no longer going to be the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum, it would also be nice to get rid of slang references to the stadium. USC doesn’t help that cause with this shirt. Neither does Clay Helton when he says it.

Or maybe Helton does because it sounds completely uncool coming out of his mouth.

  • USC board chair Rick Caruso is thinking of running for Mayor of Los Angeles. He certainly can afford it.

Last year, he bought his then 22-year-old son a $4.5 million starter house in the Palisades. In 2015, he bought another son a $4.5 million house in Santa Monica. Read about Caruso’s real estate holdings here.

Caruso told the Financial Times in a just-published interview it would be a “terrible rule” for colleges to bar the children of donors. All four of his children were admitted to USC.

“There isn’t a major academic institution in the United States that has excelled without the generosity of private people,” Caruso said.

What about when those people abuse their power?

  • Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president and a USC graduate, collapsed and died in an Egytian courtroom today. Morsi, 67, had been in custody since being ousted from power in 2013.

13 thoughts on “Afternoon Notes: United Is Out Now Get Rid Of Coli

  1. Whatever one thinks of Morsi, it is very hard not to puke when one recalls millionaire globalist John Kerry’s justification of his ouster by the military: “Sometimes, in order to protect democracy, it is necessary to remove elected leaders.”

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  2. Wolf better verify his story that Mohammed Morsi went to USC. Morsi had a habit of claiming he had a PhD and other credentials and work experience for JPL/NASA that was a lie.


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