USC Morning Buzz: Where Was Lynn Swann This Weekend?

A natural question would be whether Lynn Swann was at Pebble Beach over the weekend?

At least on Saturday night, Swann was in Washington, D.C., attending the black-tie 244th birthday party for the U.S. Army at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

A good rule of thumb is wherever Swann is, he is not working.

Why does he need to work in mid-June anyways? School ended at USC a month ago.

Well, USC needs a beach volleyball coach. It has interim men’s and women’s water polo coaches.

No worries. USC hired Jason Gill as baseball coach last week with No. 2 Steve Lopes doing most of the search.

Swann still gets two more weeks to relax before new president Carol Folt takes over and he has to put up appearances that he is working.

8 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Where Was Lynn Swann This Weekend?

  1. President Folt has probably already made up her mind not to touch Lynn until the upcoming major sport seasons have played out —but if the near future resembles the recent past, Lynn will be making a May 2020 announcement about “stepping down to spend more time with the family….any family.”

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    1. P. S.
      …Korn/Ferry does usual bang up job and USC lands Evander Holyfield and Owen Wilson as A. D. and Head Coach.
      P. S. S..
      Bleacher Reports lists UCLA as biggest “Loser” in Portal Transfer politics.

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  2. The thing with Swann is that he doesn’t give two shits about being USC’s Athletic Director. Swann took the job because it is an easy pay day, was informed that he wouldn’t have to make any actual decisions, basically just be a figurehead.

    That’s how selfish and how big an asshole Lynn Swann is, he didn’t mind signing on as A.D. and being Max Nikias “Yes Man”, basically overseeing USC athletics and Nikias plan to De-Emphasize Trojan sports altogether. Swann was always off doing his own thing, his autograph events were the priority, USC athletic functions weren’t until Swann came to the realization that Nikias was out as the shot caller and he might have to start attending those USC functions if he wanted to keep collecting those annual multi-million dollar paychecks USC gives him for doing nothing.

    What USC and or Max Nikias weren’t counting on was the the numerous scandals they thought would go away, turning into a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

    So now USC is in limbo, the clusterfuck that has become the status quo at USC remains, Lynn Swann isn’t going anywhere which means Clay Helton isn’t going anywhere and as long as those two incompetent clowns have anything to do with Trojan football, the team isn’t going anywhere either except for the middle of the PAC and maybe a Los Angeles bowl appearance…if they’re lucky.

    And worthless Lynn Swann will continue laughing all the way to the bank…at USC’s expense.


  3. It has always been my impression that Lynn Swann was hired as a figurehead and not an actual Athletic Director. Just looking at his tenure one might ask; “Has he ever once actually fulfilled the duties associated with his title?”
    The elitist attitude expressed by the University has been on display for decades. We had our last actual administrator-before Mike Garrett was hired. When USC did that they said, “We have this famous guy working for us, come to our school!” The actual grunt work would be done by the underlings. Garrett got fired when he started to think he was the boss. It was his clueless luck that kept him in the job for so long. Haden was too shrewd for the position, but still made monumental mistakes. Now Swann is a throwback to the clueless politician director
    Why do you think the current underlings were able to engineer a scandal? They new nobody was watching. Maybe an administrator will come in and say enough is enough, but I doubt it. Instead underlings with experience will be brought in to shore up the department.


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