Weird Urban Meyer Story Of The Day

OK, it is the offseason, so here is the weird item of the day.

Zach Smith, the controversial, fired and at one-time arrested former Ohio State assistant coach, has a podcast (like everyone else these days).

And he claims USC has contacted former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer.

Not through a third party.

Not through his agent.

Not via a text message.

Not through Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.

But by “certified mail.”

“Someone that I know. That works in the United States Postal Service dropped a bomb on me last week. He tells me that Urban Meyer, his address, his house, has had certified mail delivered to and sent from to the University of Southern California. I’m talking several letters,” Smith said. “It’s a decent source.”

Do I believe this? No. But like I said, it is the offseason.

The podcast is here.

  • USC wide receiver Michael Pittman and defensive end Christian Rector will represent the Trojans at Pac-12 media day on July 24 in Hollywood.

10 thoughts on “Weird Urban Meyer Story Of The Day

    1. Wrong, Karma. I heard from yet another “decent” source that USC Athletic Department brass were brainstorming (yeah, I know this already doesn’t make sense) and they decided that the best way to contact Urban in a top secret fashion was to send him a series of letters via USPS —-so that the number of people who knew about their communications would be limited to the dozens of postal employees at the local venue and the dozens of postal employees at the venue of receipt……

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  1. Well it is believable because there are a myriad of reasons to contact him. Maybe it was an invitation to speak or possibly a non football reason.
    The fact that someone from the post office is spilling these beans is more disturbing than the possibility of an actual letter. It’s as if the postman is reading you mail on his podcast; “Dear Mr. Meyer, USC is hosting a celebrity golf tournament. We would be honored to have you attend. Scott Wolf of fame will be covering the event and autographed tee shirts featuring Lynn Swann will be available for a nominal fee. “ etc. etc. etc.


  2. Reasons for UM to decline any Pig in a Poke, bozo U, FB program HC employment offer:

    1) the Alligator!
    2) the bozo Candy Cane defense.
    3) not enough available $$$$$

    Seven more reasons to follow.


    1. Just Rent,

      speaking of not having enough money, that leaves Thug U aka ruinville out of contention. Out of the $248 million that ugly store from underarmour, $36 million has gone towards Mora, Chocolate Chip Kelly, and Buckwheat Alford.


  3. That sounds like some bullshyt that dumb ass, wannabe insider, Pudly 76 would say, because he’s been claiming to to know people in the athletic office, dating back to when he was using another name 😂


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