Would USC Ever Make History?

With Cal women’s basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb becoming an assistant coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, can you ever imagine USC men’s basketball hiring a woman as a head coach?

Why not?

Becky Hammond, the San Antonio Spurs assistant, would probably turn USC down. But if she hired Eric Mobley to bring his sons and Jason Hart to recruit the rest of the roster, you don’t think she could do as good a job as Andy Enfield?

Lynn Swann and Co. would never stick their necks out and hire a woman. But the risk seems less important now that you think about it.

3 thoughts on “Would USC Ever Make History?

  1. Hiring women just to say that they hired a women as a head basketball coach would be a joke. I think it is a joke when a women tries to get angry with a bunch of men. It is farce. They don’t have the experience of playing at man’s speed. The decisions are faster, the game is faster, and more physical. The lady can’t understand that until she plays that type of game and if she tries, she will get killed on the court. I have no respect when the force this Political Correctness crap down our throats.

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    1. I’ve always known that you were a misogynistic pro-nazi! Everyone knows there are female coaches that are much more qualified than Andy Enfield, yet your mind is completely closed to even thinking about hiring somebody like Becky Hammond. As for you being a pro- Nazi, history would tell you hungarians were in bed with the German Nazi. Hungarians were instrumental in rounding up Jews to be sent to death camps. Pudly proudly admits that he is a Hungarian. It is highly likely his ancestors were Nazis and likely fought against allied forces during world war II.

      You keep discounting and objectifying women… Your way of thinking is coming to an end whether you like it or not. The problem is Lynn Swann will not hire someone qualified like Becky hammon but hire someone like Cynthia Cooper!



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