The Recruiting Stars Don’t Always Matter

If you are distressed that recent USC commitment Kyle Juergens is a two-star prospect, it doesn’t mean the recruiting services are always right?

Kenechi Udeze was not a highly regarded prospect until after he committed to USC.

And sometimes it works in the reverse way.

Why did recruiting services rank former point guard Derryck Thornton a five-star prospect? He was ranked the No. 14 player in the nation by Rivals but when he transferred to USC from Duke, the first thing I heard was that he was not as good as the hype.

He is now off to Boston College, his third college in five years.

The bigger picture is that when Pete Carroll offered a two-or-three star, you probably felt better about it than when it is coming from Clay Helton.

15 thoughts on “The Recruiting Stars Don’t Always Matter

  1. Unlike some here, I don’t hate Helton. He had 2 good years before last year (yes, I know —it was ALL Sam, tebow]. But Helton’s problem is that —consciously or unconsciously —-he will not go after the kind of players “Bad Boy” Orgeron went after. It’s almost like Haden said “I’ll make you Head Coach w/out a search if you promise me you won’t run the team the way Orgeron did.”

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    1. I like your argument MG, but Haden is gone and after 3 full seasons as the HC (going into his 4th this August), he needs to be his own man. I suspect that what we see with Coach Hugz is in his DNA. Nice man, just not a driven coach. Good for programs like Western Kentucky and Houston, not good for programs that aspire to challenge for Natties.

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      1. I’m not going to disagree with one word you said, calabasas…..
        I remember Coach Carroll telling Justin Fargas to keep running straight into Notre Dame tacklers “until they hurt so bad they didn’t want it anymore.” Result? Fargas’ 10 yard runs turned into 30 and 35 yard runs in the 4th quarter. Can you imagine Clay saying those words to Carr?

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    2. Helton isn’t a head football coach, he’s a coddler. That’s why some players like him because he coddles them even when they screw up.

      Players lack discipline and Helton coddles them.

      Practices are a joke and that’s why Helton’s teams are soft, not to mention Helton is clueless when it comes to the X’s and O’s of coaching.


    3. Just think MG what might have transpired if St. Patikins hadn’t stabbed Coach O in the back up to the hilt instead of naming O the HC.

      This after O saved (truly) the bozo FB program from collapse, subsequent to St. Pat’s lusty, tarmac fiasco.

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      1. The way Orgeron’s team played against UCLA makes me think that Haden told “O” to get a sub sandwich while he addressed the team himself in the pregame locker room….


  2. Chris Petersen (who btw should be the head coach at USC right now if Pat Haden didn’t have his head up his ass) won big at Boise St. with a bunch of no star blue collar kids, but that’s because Petersen is a helluva coach…he knows what he’s doing.

    Now at Washington he’s already made the College Football Playoff and consistently has the Huskies Top 10 annually.

    Clay Helton, that idiot has been handed Top 10 recruiting classes the 9 years he’s been at USC and hasn’t done nothing but waste their talent.

    And don’t mention the Rose or Cotton bowls because that was the talent the Trojans had overcoming horrendous Clay Helton, Tee Martin and Neil Callaway play calling and coaching.

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    1. I agree with a lot of what you said, tebow….


  3. According to sources, Marcus Allen was on campus yesterday. He was offered the AD job. They are working on the numbers. Lynn Swann is said to have turned his resignation.


    1. This is awesome news! Now Lynn Swann can hang out with OJ on golf courses “looking for the real killers”!!



  4. According to sources in heritage hall, Marcus Allen was on campus yesterday. He was offered the AD job. They are working on the numbers. Lynn Swann is said to have turned his resignation.


    1. bozo U, out of the frying pan and into the pot.

      Marcus Allen, Felony U’s most timeworn, unskilled, unaccomplished #1 former FB player dilettante and bird shit stained statue.

      If Felony U needs a new AD whose qualifications include standing on the bozo sideline for moral support, during a humiliating bozo loss, or signing free autographs, or exercising the MA black stallion version of Droit du seigneur on his friends and colleagues wives – MA be the DUDE.



  5. Here is the big question when it comes to awarding stars in recruiting: Who are the real experts? Football coaches, assistants or head coaches, are better equipped and experienced to give a more accurate assessment of a player’s talent. Some recruiting experts have never played, don’t know the game, and it would behoove them to award more or less stars when real experts say so.


  6. Scooter,

    You first wrote about this kid and in two words I will sum up what you said about him: He sucks. Now you have changed your mind about him and that he might be good after all. Make up your mind, does he suck or is he good? No wonder you aren’t married, you are worse than a women trying to make up her mind.


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