USC Notes: A Recruiting Trend Takes Hold

USC’s Elite Camp continues today. Among the top prospects are wide receiver LV Bunkley (Serra), Darion Green-Warren (Mater Dei), Domani Jackson (Mater Dei) and Jaylin Davies (Mater Dei).

Also in attendance are five-star linebacker Justin Flowe (Upland) and five-star tailback Bijan Robinson (Salpointe).

Here’s a stat: USC has had 13 commitments from high school football recruits in the Class of 2019, 2020 and 2021 since January. Only three were better than three stars.

  • This is a great take: USC player-run practices are really good because the players have sweat on their shirts when they come out of the gates of Howard Jones Field. Workouts are closed to the media and public.
  • With the NBA draft approaching, it’s still hard to believe Kevin Porter averaged 9.5 points per game and played only 21 college games. USC is sure forgetting these things — including his suspension — as it promotes his pending selection.
  • Porter was a last-minute addition and will be in the NBA Draft Green Room tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “USC Notes: A Recruiting Trend Takes Hold

  1. So just because a student is disciplined, then a school can’t promote him?


    BTW Alicia de Portola just put your three star recruit’s argument on its head. Do your homework, SW.

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  2. How about Steve Sarkisian’s Errand Boy with his fixation of recruiting a boatload of WR’s while neglecting to recruit offensive linemen?

    How’s that for a trend? Been going on for years now.

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    1. Didn’t we get 5 of them three yrs ago? Of course we did… One 5*, three 4*, one 3*. But if you told the truth it wouldn’t fit your troll story…. what a putz!




    2. Tebow,

      You are correct. Unless this is just a passing league. if that is the case, then fine. Then have a camp for linemen then. SC needs linemen.

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      1. What Helton doesn’t understand, just like the two other clowns Sarkisian and Kiffin before him who also wanted to pass all the time, is that you need an offensive line that can pass block, but none of those three idiots ever made recruiting offensive linemen a priority.

        All three of those numbskulls always focused on recruiting WR’s by the boatload. None of them ever tried to hire a good offensive line coach, they figured they were going to run a fast pace offense and have the QB get the ball out quickly so the line wouldn’t matter and we all see how that strategy has worked out for USC.

        And idiot Helton still hasn’t figured it out, still thinking he’s going to be able to pass the ball all over the field with no offensive line to provide pass protection.

        Since 2010 none of the Trojan QB’s have ever had time in the pocket, always having to scramble because they had no time to throw. Neil Callaway was the worst, he never taught the linemen anything, not run blocking, pass protection, how to pick up a blitz, that idiot never even thought about bringing in a FB or TE in to help block.

        And it’s going to be more of the same this coming season, all dink and dunk passing with the occasional hail mary pass downfield, hoping a Trojan receiver will come down with it.


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