Afternoon Notes: USC Breaks Out Heismans

One thing USC did this week was trot three Heismans out to Howard Jones Field to show off to recruits at its summer camp.

The way it treats Heismans sometimes comes across as cavalier. Any old staff member can just start playing with them. Outdoors. And it comes off as disrespectful.

If you go to Heritage Hall, a couple Heismans look a little beat up. The Carson Palmer Heisman looks like it has glue or adhesive wrap residue on the name plate. The O.J. Simpson statue is a replacement because it was stolen (and later recovered).

It just doesn’t seem right to have them outside. Keep them inside like you care about college football’s (and maybe any sport’s) most famous trophy.

  • The last thing USC needs to do is to add another member to the Board of Trustees. But that is exactly what it did.

7 thoughts on “Afternoon Notes: USC Breaks Out Heismans

    1. You, Owns nothing, are such a sad, sad, human being. To be hungover from shitty Popov every night must be horrible. I do hope that you make a full recovery, after 45 years. You and Flow should love being in a special place with Chaz. Cheers!


  1. Felix sounds like a first rate person in every respect …..but I wish he hadn’t said it was an honor to join “a group of people who have done so much for USC”…..

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  2. My question is, why doesn’t SC have the recruits go to Heritage Hall to see what the athletes of SC have done. This would expose to the recruits the proud heritage of its sports program

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