USC And United Offer Direct Flight To Notre Dame (With Bad Link)

United Airlines is offering some direct flights for college football fans, which I list at the bottom of this post.

But the link USC tweeted out about direct flights from Los Angeles to South Bend did not work.

Who to blame? USC or United? That’s a tough one.

14 thoughts on “USC And United Offer Direct Flight To Notre Dame (With Bad Link)

  1. USC is having big time trouble selling tickets to Trojan games at the Coliseum with Clay “Errand Boy” Helton being clueless and they expect Trojan fans to travel to South Bend to watch that clown Helton get out coached and blown out?


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      1. 1) Yes, Marvienna —Graham has secretly been made the D. C. (no one’s been told yet —not even Clancy)…
        2) If you win enough games, don’t you win the championship?

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      2. If you think all USC needs to do is run a passing game to win a championship, then, my friend, I cannot help you.





      1. gt — How can you say that? USC has a modern, state of the art stadium. The poor Irish have one of those ‘old fashioned’ ones where everyone who pays for a seat can see the field…..


  2. My biggest complaint about Helton is the games in which the team looks like they don’t even belong the field.

    ‘Bama in 2016 was one of those, OSU in the Rose Bowl, was another and then the miserable 2017 game in South Bend. It seems that the team collectively gave up and laid down after Sam’s fumble. The talent on those SC teams was roughly equivalent to whom they were playing, but they looked like they just couldn’t compete.

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    1. 67 — I couldn’t agree more. Pete said once, after an Orange Bowl Game where the other team scored on their first possession, “I just told our guys let’s see how they like it when we do it back to them—how cool will that be?!” Helton just gets a scared look on his face (it probably dates back to grammar school days). His idea of pumping people up is to repeat Coach O’s pep talk, “Play for your brothers!” How many times can a guy say that before everybody’s sick of hearing it?
      I really hope there’s a change of plans and Coach Harrell is allowed on the field during games. The team deserves to look over and see some genuine enthusiasm on the sidelines —not Coach Helton looking concerned about his job. I don’t mean this as a total knock on Helton —I’m sure he’ll do a fine job orchestrating all the position coaches……

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    2. The common theme of those games is because USC’s opponent had better interior linemen and play. That OSU, ND and Bama teams were teams that could manhandle their opponents as opposed to Clay Helton’s teams who thought out-finessing the other team would be the way to go.

      The ingredient missing from Helton’s USC teams are toughness and linemen. The longer Helton keeps ignoring those things means that USC will continue to look like it doesn’t belong on the field with those kinds of Bama and ND teams.


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      1. It’s almost like, when USC rejected Coach Orgeron, it simultaneously rejected toughness. Haden: “Let other teams be tough & mean—- from now on, we wanna be the the nicest team on the block ….the team all the tough & mean teams look forward to playing.”

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  3. If United has a flight to the game, I can guarantee it will take off late and you will miss at least half the game. At United, schedules are only a suggestion, believe me.


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