USC Morning Buzz: Camp Stories!

Before getting too excited about June football camps at USC, remember four years ago Tee Martin‘s son committed to USC during a camp and then eight months later committed to Clemson (smart move on the kid’s part).

One year when Pete Carroll was at USC, I went to a camp and during a lunch break, there was only a punter on the field trying to impress Carroll.

Every time the punter kicked the ball, one of his coaches would yell out, “60 yards!” or “65 yards!”

Finally, Carroll said to me, “Doesn’t this idiot know he has to subtract 15 yards?”

The idiot didn’t know because he kept doing it to the point where Carroll left Howard Jones Field.

  • I hear the Boston Celtics are thinking hard about taking USC guard Kevin Porter in today’s NBA Draft. The Celtics have the 14th and 20th picks in the first round.
  • And finally, if you didn’t like seeing Lynn Swann host “To Tell The Truth” than here is a clip you might enjoy more: It’s Frank Gifford on “What’s My Line?” Or F. Newton Gifford as he is know in this 1956 episode.

20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Camp Stories!

    1. Sam Darnold is gone, and took USC football with him, but of course, that stupid ass idiot, Lynn Swann extends Clay Helton’s contract, before he could prove himself without Darnold. Everyone can see who Helton is from miles away, except for the Trojan pretenders, who think Graham Harrell is their savior 😂😂


      1. Exactly, Fan Boy! Graham Harrell could see who Helton was from miles away….that’s why he’s come to save us.

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    2. Okay so Chip Kelly is one spot above Clay Helton? This is not a reason to weep. The statistics are slanted in Chip’s favor. Half of his college football losses came at Ucla. Dyed in the wool bRuins fans will tell you he was just rope-a-doping until he got to USC, but most of us have seen the writing the wall. His success in college football was based on an innovative approach, which has been countered in many ways. Rules have changed to allow defenses a chance to line up before the ball is snapped. If the offense sends a player out the defense gets time to send in fresh bodies. His hurry up offense is no longer the cream of the crop, because everybody is doing it. If his NFL stats were factored in his genius would look thinner than veneer.
      Yes I guess we Trojan fans can weep over the fact that Clay is even on the list, or that the school still thinks Clay will turn things around, but clucking about having a has-been coach for a no talent team is likely to attract the attention of the foxes in this hen house

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      1. Owns is usually better than this. Attaching an article that explicitly trashes Chip Kelly and —-if you read between the lines —states that bruin football fans probably have nothing to look forward to?! Maybe Owns didn’t read the entire piece —-yeah, that must be it…..

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      2. A well-written, concise rebuttal, but unfortunately RT it reeks of that well-worn, oh-so-familiar bozo excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses shtick.

        Less than a year after CK is ingloriously evicted from the NFL, CK and the 2 – 8 UCLA FB team bitch slap a 5 – 5 Felony U team 34 – 27.

        As reported by a smart, enlightened bozo on this blog, the 27 – 34 bozo defeat could have been much worse if not for the outstanding bozo special teams game performance. I agree!

        The only thing different between this year’s bozo team and last year’s team is the new Off. Coordinator Coach Harrell, who BTW, lost his last game @ the New Mexico Bowl 52 – 13.

        Some say Harrell’s offense over-achieved in the NM Bowl 13 – 52 slaughter.

        Oh well, Harrell’s game plans for first 5 scheduled bozo 2019 FB games will determine whether Felony U’s well water is mucho sulfuric or sweet to the taste.

        Ding goes the Vic Bell.


    3. Point of Information —The Victory Bell presently sleeps with Jim Mora on dung ridden Mission Street —so whenever anyone tries to ring it, all you hear is “squish”…

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      1. MG, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time after reading your pissed off “Ding goes the Vic Bell” fairy tale tirade.

        Funny, funny, funny!

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  1. Flow, let’s be honest…”Caesar” never talked directly to you. Not once. You may have overheard Petey say that to someone else, but in no way was it directed to you. And again with the English: “Than?” I realize the English language is tuff, but c’mon, clean it up.

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    1. Scott was actually cleverly (and subliminally) saying “I, Scott Wolf, personally enjoyed the ‘What’s My Line’ clip more THAN the ‘To Tell The Truth’ clip…”

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      1. The wolf will have to proofread his masterpieces or this site might change it’s name…..



      1. Commie Lush is attending the Johnnikins Peckerwood Festival celebrating the x10 Peckerwood BB legacy.

        Andyain’twinning wanted to worship at the Peckerwood Altar but was too busy scheduling cupcake games and preparing for the Spinach tour.


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