How Many Recruits Will Stick?

What is the over/under on how many of the past week’s commits will actually end up at USC?

Clay Helton has a history of dropping recruits. Helton himself could get dropped and then a new coach might want to improve the class.

I texted a Pac-12 coach about one of the commitments.

“Never considered him,” the coach said.

Maybe USC just evaluates better.

  • And a final word on Kevin Porter.

USC took a player some colleges passed on because of his baggage. And it did not work out as planned.

Porter might reach his potential in the NBA. But he will need to change his attitude. He had a weak college coach who could not fix it. Now he will have a strong coach who might.

12 thoughts on “How Many Recruits Will Stick?

  1. Kevin Porter is a 19 year old who has had people telling him that he is the best thing since sliced bread and you expect him to be a finished product? What world have you been living in? Now you are telling him to change his attitude? Or what? Just because USC gave him a scholarship and he didn’t live up to YOUR expectations, doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk towards him.


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      1. Owns, amigo, I do think that it should be considered on a case-by-case basis. My biggest problem with SW, and others who bash these kids- it is what they are, kids- is that they treat them like professional athletes, which they are not. Once they are pro though, they are and should be fair game- to a point.


      1. Yes, though regarding confidential sources, this is just Scottie’s blog. And in terms of the source, the Pac-12 is so bad that there are worse coaches than Helton in the league.



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      2. 67 —The whole question of where Scott’s getting his Pac 12 dirt becomes pretty clear if you do a little digging into the actual identity of Owns: David Shaw.

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  2. Rebuttal memo to MG

    “Owns —May I answer your question with a question?….

    Owns: No Clue!


    But I do know Rodman played 14 NBA seasons + 11 playoffs. As I recall Rodman was his own PR person and did a damn fine job.

    Rodman Won 5 NBA Championships, and to me, that indicates he couldn’t have attended Felony U. For example, the Raptors unloaded DeMar DeFrozan, former bozo loser, prior to the 2018 – 19 season and then promptly won the 2018 – 19 NBA Championship.

    I’ve reliably informed the Raptors sent DeFrozan a “Sorry Sucker” ring.

    As far as I’m concerned MG if KP actually called Andyain’twinning a” f**k’g idiot” that’s an excellent reason to root for KP during the 1 – 2 years he’s nailed to the Cavs bench.


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