USC Offensive Line Flashback

All this talk about three-star offensive linemen makes me think back to 1979.

Here was a starting offensive line:

OT: Keith Van Horne

OG: Brad Budde

C: Chris Foote

OG: Roy Foster

OT: Don Mosebar


41 thoughts on “USC Offensive Line Flashback

  1. And don’t forget Hoby Brenner at tight end, who was a great blocker. Charles White and Marcus Allen running the ball, and Ronnie Lott on defense. One of the best rosters in history of college football.

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      1. owns, are you dyslexic? “Then is then, and now is now”…coming from a ucla fan? ucla has been virtually irrelevant for decades.

        5-15 in last 20 years vs. Trojans.



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      2. Owns —Biden just finished a campaign event where he claimed “now is then and then is now”…..

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      3. MG, you have thrown a monkey wrench into the debate.

        owns vs. Crazy Joe? What could possibly top this for entertainment value?

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      4. 67 —Ah! The debate! Which candidate will look into the camera and make the lamest pronouncement? I’m putting my money on Biden….
        Watch for Hawaii’s own Tulsi Gabbard —smartest, most ethical person in the Democratic field…

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      5. Not to take the blog too far afield from the Trojans, but Michael, Tulsi Gabbard is proof that Hawaii is just too perfect. You can’t have it all.

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      6. Yeah, 67 —Tulsi is special. That’s why she has no money behind her….and why both sides hate her guts. I am really proud of her honesty. I hope she doesn’t change one bit and leaves politics —whenever that may be —with her head held high.

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      7. MG-She’s by far the best in this Sargasso Sea of candidates (but even she isn’t perfect – the Joe Rogan interview demonstrated a little too much in the way of imprecision as to how to actually implement policy)…so of course she cannot be allowed to fairly compete, let alone win…hope she goes on to a great career in whatever field she chooses (hopefully outside the DC rat’s nest).

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      8. James —What I like best about Tulsi is she finds great beauty in speaking true words. Never hear her trying to get a vote here or there by contorting the truth. [I also like the fact she said she get’s nervous before big events but realizes it would be selfish to let that prevent her from trying to spread the Aloha spirit]…

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      9. Sure seems that way – she appears to that rarest of commodities in our day – an honest politician. No PAC money is just what the doctor ordered (but can’t get most of the patients to take). The aforementioned Rogan interview was also a great example of her ability to at least attempt to respond to tough questions – he is intelligent and does his homework, and he confronted her with a number of questions (the likes of which for instance only one of the candidates in 2016 was capable of responding to)…she is to be proud of for you and your fellow Rainbow staters…and for me and the Army alumni…

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      10. MG-No kidding (it was one thing to watch Air Force under Ken Hatfield and Navy under George Welsh and Paul Johnson to do this…but Army?!)…they should have beaten the Sooners in Norman last year…goes to show importance of discipline, coaching, attitude, and conviction…hopefully, as you and Pudly have led the charge on, we finally see some of that…guess we’ll see (ie I’m still skeptical)…

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    1. BTW – this doesn’t even note that Anthony Munoz was also a part of that time (returning from injury to start in the Rose Bowl – the game, not to mention in the stadium – as USC defeated #1 ranked Ohio State on a touchdown by Heisman Trophy winner Charles White, behind fullback Marcus Allen)…cheers Mule ole boy! Hee-haw…

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      1. Did Chucky W have the ball when he crossed the goal line? Hee-haw!

        I believe Chucky W holds the NCAA Div. 1 FB record for scoring TD’s w/o a ball. That White record is 12 no ball TDs.


      2. Owns —any team can score WITH the football (happens so often, it’s gotten boring), it takes a special team to score WITHOUT one.

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      3. BTW Part Deux

        Lest we forget that Bruce Matthews was a backup…there was more NFL AV on that line…on that team…than most school’s have had in their entire history (including you too Mule – minus your “Borrowed Ladder” Aikman, who couldn’t start at OU and couldn’t beat USC…he was actually a stud, but since this is directed at your fandom there can be no love)…

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  2. I played with Keith and Hoby at Fullerton High School. Started two years at TB and CB. Everybody played both ways then. Can tell you they were both great teammates, humble stars that were clearly headed for big things.

    Still see Hoby every so often.

    But am I wrong about there being almost no limit to recruiting numbers back then? USC just scooped up a ton of great prospects and sifted through them. I can remember being USC as a student when they were there and then saying how kickass the practices were cuz they cornered the market on recruits.

    Don’t get me started on the stories they regarding Anthony Munoz……

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  3. Here’s a flashback to who Helton had as his offensive line coach and it killed Helton to have to get rid of Callaway, as if Neil Callaway knew what the hell he was doing.

    Clay Helton should have been fired right along with Callaway, seeing how he’s just as clueless.

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    1. Please don’t make this available again, Tebow. It’s like a watching the death scene at the end of the Marlon Brando version of Mutiny on the Bounty. It just goes on….and on.
      [If Saban had a coach talk like that —“we won some battles (long pause), we just didn’t win all of them….it’s like I always say (forgetting what he always and then starting over) It’s like I always say, there’s always room for improvement”—- Saban would beat him to death with his shoe]….

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  4. Yimmy, YImmy, Yimmy’s anencephalous opinion of my comment – “Then is then and now is now.”

    “Still more recent than the last time UCLA won a meaningful game…hee-haw Mule ole boy!”

    Ah Yimmy, how do you ‘splain the 2 – 8 Bruins bitch slapping Felony U 34 – 27. Not a huge UCLA win but –

    DING goes the Vic Bell!!


    1. This message brought to you by UCLA, the Kuiper Belt Object of college football…

      Mule, since you’ve previously made it abundantly clear that bullet points are the maximum your mental midget double digit IQ can process…and to assist you with logic as per usual (then is then, now is now…but ding goes the Victory Bell…uh, I know you don’t grasp concepts like implicit, but there is no significance in a Victory Bell, or possessing it, if the past has no meaning…of course, there is scant significance in possessing it after beating the worst – at least worst coached – USC team since Ike was president)….

      1) Charles White and touchdowns – um, yeah, as in winning at #1 Alabama, beating defending national champion Notre Dame, winning 3 Rose Bowls (the game, not games at the stadium – ie after December 31st each year! ouch! Hee-haw) including over #1 Ohio State, 4 for 4 against UCLA (he may have just scored again in the 1979 game behind the line in question in this post)…by the way, the record book still says he must have had the ball crossing the goal line…hahahahaha…only moronic Michigan fans…and you…think that that one play had any significance, overlooking that Robinson shut down the USC offense after taking a 17-3 lead with a national title parked in the capable hands of a Ronnie Lott-led defense…hink they couldn’t have lit up the Wolverines like they did Bama or Notre Dame? Seriously? I mean, Michigan was coached by Bo Schembechler, a coach that even UCLA was able to beat in the Rose Bowl (the game, not the stadium – Hee-haw!)!

      2) The Kuiper Belt Object also known as UCLA football – I guess you can’t get on YouTube at your bus stop, but…again, UCLA hasn’t won a meaningful game in football since 1975…this means you haven’t won a meaningful football game since Gerald Ford was president…since before the shuttle program…since before Hank Aaron retired…since before the Bicentennial…

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      1. GT22: I’m giving the ’75 team their due – they essentially ended Woody Hayes career, costing the Buckeyes a national championship…but yeah, that far back since they won one that brought them national reward…

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  5. Once again wolfman, you set the bait and the jamokes from Yesterday U chomp it down like a school of Bigmouth Bass!!!

    Talk about getting TINGLY all over!!


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  6. Bozo Helton has one of the best recruiting platforms in College Football, and all that clown can do is sign a slew of 3 star players, who were being recruited by lesser programs.

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    1. So just to recap 86

      TCU 13 – kal 2 – Unless it’s Club Rugby kal never shows up in the playoffs.

      BTW 86, TCU with a sub .500 winning record in its big 12 Baseball schedule eliminates the kal basabol pussies from the regionals.

      #kal all-time FB record vs UCLA: 33 – 55 – 1
      #Rugby sucks


  7. And then blow a 21-0 Halftime lead to Stanford at the Coliseum, to choke away a national championship. That still galls me, just as badly as the 2006 NC game vs. Texas.

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    1. Yes – another case where Robinson took his foot off the accelerator (took all of the starters out as I recall) – and this time it cost them not just the title, but probably recognition as the greatest college football team of all-time…


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