USC Morning Buzz: More On Recruiting Stars

USC signed 16 players who were three stars-or-less in 2019, according to Rivals.

Six of its eight commitments for 2020 are three-stars-or-less.

That is 22 players overall. From 2016-18, it signed 14 players who were three stars-or-less.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: More On Recruiting Stars

    1. Recruiting services get it wrong sometimes. And three star athletes excel beyond expectations. But the majority of the time, it’s the Four star and Five star guys you want to get and develop. Sprinkle in a few Three star sleepers. And that’s how you want to recruit!

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      1. You should look at the starters for the last year and see how they rank. De Artola from Reign of Troy broke it down last week.


    1. Let’s look at the bright side, Pudly —- it doesn’t look like “unhappy with coaching staff” is a euphemism for “something that occurred during medical exam by USC doctors.”
      Blurb reads funnier if Steele’s name is switched out for Swann’s….

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      1. Speaking of Hamlet, gt —why the f*ck is he so uncertain of whether there’s life after death when the play starts with him talking to his father’s ghost….?

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    1. Don’t worry, Pudly —-he’s got time, he’ll transfer back to USC in time for Fresno State kick off…..

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      1. Dear Pudly,
        (1) You are a very bad boy
        (2) You’ve kinda become the Keyser Soze of Inside USC —enemies go after all you hold dear and you keep showing them “what Will is all about.”

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    1. Again that’s us wanting to know why you haven’t moved our damned luggage already…and a chocolate shake with them fries Mule…and be snappy about it!


      1. Chocolate shake and fries!? What are you Yimmy, 11 or 12?

        Yo momma still washing your face using her spit?


    2. The ding occurs about once every four years (5 wins in the last 20 years) so I see why you bring it up in literally every post.

      The question is, why is ucla expected to lose to Cincinnati? And why are they are expected to have yet another losing season under Kelly? Is Guerrero simply incompetent when it comes to picking football coaches?

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      1. To be fair, the “UCLA Forecast” in Phil Steele’s College Football 2019 magazine begins with the relentlessly upbeat words, “”The bruins will make a large jump up from #118….”

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      2. Wait for it 67………………………………………..

        DING goes the Vic Bell.

        2019 SUCCX W/L prognostication: SUCCX 4 – 8 augers into the South Conf. FB Cellar! – Brier SUCCX be living in a dirty hole.



  1. Well, according to Lynn Swann, the football program is in great shape, and recruiting couldn’t be better. That’s just one of the reasons why most fans want that idiot fired.

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