Afternoon Notes: Did Uncertainty Cost USC A Recruit

I’m told that four-star JSerra offensive tackle Jeffrey Persi, who committed to Michigan this week, actually had USC as his dream school. But Persi viewed USC as too risky with all the uncertainty regarding the football program.

Meanwhile, USC is cleaning up with two-and-three star offensive line recruits.

  • I mentioned yesterday that USC is not retaining Rick Carr, its director of security and long-time “bodyguard” for USC football coaches from John Robinson to Clay Helton. A USC assistant coach wondered if the writing was on the wall when Carr celebrated his birthday and Pete Carroll sent a best-wishes video but there was nothing from Helton.

20 thoughts on “Afternoon Notes: Did Uncertainty Cost USC A Recruit

  1. USC is his dream school, but he is going to Michigan because he is worried that there might be a new coach in the future?

    Persi is the 4th 2020 OT recruit for Michigan, and he is the smallest out of the bunch. So there is plenty of uncertainty of how much he will even play there.

    Scottie, you need some new sources. I doubt that “uncertainty” is the main reason why he is going to Michigan. More likely he just thinks that Michigan has the better program for developing linemen.

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  2. Well it is near the end of June and Wolf is grasping for topics to throw out on the blog. 60 days before the season starts, it cant get here too soon. With Wolf blathering on about nothing September feels like an eternity….

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    1. If Wolf were any kind of person he’d make September (actually August 31st) get here faster…..

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      1. You’re blind to your own awareness, that’s quite the accomplishment. I’m sure your therapist would agree.


      2. Tbone touchy today…what happened? Did owns steal your bottle again. How’s if feel to be owns dumb brother, eh tbone?

        Poor owns.

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    1. I remember when that fake, caped Toejam idiot stuck his phony sword at midfield in Tixas Stadium just prior to kick off Alabama vs bozo u (shock the world) game.

      Just in case the rah-rah have blotted that game from their very selective memories here’s the bottom line.

      Alabama 52 – bozos 6 and zero TD’s – I personally can’t forget the bozo 46 yard + FG converted when down 37 – 3.

      So now 37 – 6…….LFOL!



      1. Learn some football, Owns! Helton’s plan —-which should’ve been obvious —- was to get the field goal ….and, then, score a touchdown, go for a 2 point conversion and kick 8 more field goals (while holding Alabama scoreless) …….

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      1. Exactly, Pudly. Anybody who signs with us deserves to lose one star…..

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