Paging Carol Folt

New president Carol Folt has a lot people who want to talk to her when she starts next week.

Some want to discuss Lynn Swann.

Some want to discuss Clay Helton.

Some want to discuss the College Admissions Scandal.

Some now want to discuss the Salute to Troy.

There are even some who want to know why there is a building at USC named after Al Cowlings?

Maybe Folt will regret she took the job.

23 thoughts on “Paging Carol Folt

  1. I’m sure PCF will rocket Salute to Troy to the very top of her list of priority projects.

    Seriously, if STT folded the tents how many in this room would truly miss it? Lemme see a show of hands…..

    Their are tons of ways to honor past squads, I’m inclined to let STT stroll into the sunset.

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  2. Folt is no stranger to scandal, she was embroiled in a bunch of them at North Carolina.

    Folt is Max Nikias puppet and nothing more.


    1. So what exactly is the connection between former and new USC President that leads you to think Max is controlling Foit.

      Please splain in detail the actual chain of cause and effect that will be activated.

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      1. Folt sang the same song that Lynn Swann had to sing before he was hired by USC and they had to pledge it directly to Max Nikias…


  3. Max Nikias only gave up his residence at USC’s president house because USC’s BoT put him up in Manhattan Beach.

    Maybe the smog out there in San Marino was getting to Nikias.

    Can’t have USC’s head honcho being uncomfortable.


  4. “Some?” Flow, you’re literally the only one wondering about the Al Cowlings building and it’s sadly become a newer obsession of yours. Scary.

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    1. Wrong, it’s a disgrace and I’m also wondering why we honor OJ at every home game with his giant #32 jersey. It’s absolutely embarrassing.


      1. 22,

        I believe SC honors him as a player at SC. He was in good standing at that time. SC cannot control his future. All they can do is help prepare him for the future. I understand what you are saying, but that was in the future where his playing time was done.


      1. With all due respect to the homeless…. entrepreneur isn’t quite the right adjective to describe scottie.


  5. The bozo BOT’s, still unequivocally controlled by the former SUCCX President “Nicky Squid,” voted, near unanimously, to elect the unemployed Ms. Carol Folt as the new bozo President.

    It’s not unfair to assume President Folt’s new agenda will be shaped, supervised and dictated by “Nicky Squid” the de facto, Felony U Fuhrer.


    1. Just Rent,

      Talk about ineptness, how is Naptalamo, the chair Nazi person for the uc system doing with the $22 million dollar slush that she is holding in her greasy, grimy, and small paws of hers doing? That is the state’s money not her’s.


      1. PT ….easy tiger. Now hold on.



  6. We can get Sark to come back. His performances a few years ago would be perfect for the welcoming committee. That is until his pain meds meet the Moscow mule he had for breakfast and he calls the new president Farol Colt…we’re going to Fight the F*ck On! Ms. Colt!!
    I would pay to see that.

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    1. I’m patiently waiting for Nick Saban to put his foot up Steve Sarkisian’s ass, for not taking advantage of the opponents defensive weaknesses. Sarkisian, like his bitch, Lane Kiffin will both be fired within two years


  7. When she starts next week, the only thing she will accomplish is to find the restroom, where lunch is being served, where the parking lot is, and how to get to her office. She will be off on Thursday and Friday. Monday July 8, 2019, will be the day of reckoning.

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